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Charity Cup Finals at Buckland

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Guest h8ymo

Alas, we can't say the same about your hair Pidge !!! (Although my sixteen year old daughter thought it looked "cool") - Nice to see you and so many make the effort to come up to Buckland from afar, including the evergreen Jack Prowse from Wendron who came back to where he spent his younger days, good to see you Jack. Despite the weather, the Benevolent fund raised a good bit of money and the season is now under way, roll on the sun.

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Terrific set up and well done to Phil H and his crew. Pity the second game was played entirely in the rain.

Wadebridge did well to recover from an early 2-0 deficit. They battled hard and deserved their victory against a stubborn Budleigh side.

Saltash United were mighty pleased at beating the old enemy. Two good slow looping headers when unmarked Bodmin had their chances but found Ashes keeper in good form. Unfortunately if Bodmin do have an achillies heel it is their goalkeeper as all he had to do was pick the ball out of the net twice, very big and very slow. Good competitive match although the ref seemed to forget the laws of the game at times. A few bookings but all in all a good day out. Well done Buckland Athletic FC and the League.

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in my opinion bodmin deserved it, yes saltash only had two chances and took them both, but bodmin were the better side, they created alot more but came across a keeper who had a good game, although he did look suspect on crosses and handling in general (good shot stopper though).

i think saltash will feel they used "there get out of jail free" and bodmin will be happy with there performance but at the end of the day goals win games!

just like to add as a neutral that i was disguted with saltash as none of there players put there hands together when the opposition went up to collect there medals, which i think the bodmin manager picked up on, fair play to bodmin though who clapped everyone of saltash's players. a little more respect should have been shown by saltash in my opinion

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It takes more than one word to describe the game or who should have won. In simple fact Saltash were the victors.

I like most people would have backed Bodmin to win. I agree that Bodmin did look the more accomplished side at the start. After Saltash scored the early goal Bodmin did attack a lot but to be honest were getting nowhere because of a good Saltash defence.

My big impression though was that Bodmin thought they were going to win but Saltash wanted to win. I thought Tony Bouch for Saltash was absolutely outstanding at the back whereas Bodmin always looked uncomfortable to a high cross and this is how Saltash got their two goals. There was no one within 5 or 6 yards of Lewis when he rose unchallenged to loop his header in off the far post. The Saltash second goal was almost a carbon copy of the first. I cant quite remember who won the header for Saltash it might have been the captain Shain Manley, but it looped high in ther air to drop straight to the totally unmarked Thorne with Bodmin no6 Johnny Morris desparately chasing back but it was to late, as Thornes's gentle header looped into the net off the far post.

Yes Bodmin had their chances but it was more desparation than anything and yes goalkeeper Chirs Wearing played very well, but to be fair he only had one real full stretch shot to save which he did well. He blocked when he had to and he had to put up with a lot of high difficult balls to deal with but the Bodmin forwards couldn't pull off a goal.

What surprised me was how small the Bodmin back four seemed to be and they often struggled to clear the danger area.

So in a word Dave.


Why! because they seemed to have a simple game plan and it worked. Contain Bodmin, let them come forward and cut out the high through ball. Then make a fast break.

This is just one match and I'm sure Bodmin will learn from this defeat as will Saltash from the victory.

It will be interesting on Saturday when the league starts its league fixtures, both winners Saltash and Wadebridge will meet at Saltash.

I thought Sven Gorans last comment was way off the mark, both sides appluaded each other at the end. When the game finished everyone from both sides shook hands and congratulated or comiserated with each other. A tough match but an entertaining one.

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Chris Wearing.

At least that was what was on the team sheet that I was given.

Did anyone spot the change in Wadebridge Town line-up It was down as Paul Gerills wearing 9 and Josh Insley 10, but the pair asked the referee before the match if they could change because Insley's shirt was much to small and Grills looked like a tent on him.

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Guest colin

it was defenilty martin piper in goal for saltash yesterday although chris wearing was down as number 1 on the sheet in the program martin piper was also included

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Guest Bullard

Fair comments on the game - Bodmin probably had the better of it in terms of territory and possesion. However with many players missing Saltash can only be pleased with the outcome and could have been a couple up at half time.

Secondly, the award ceremony had no announcement before hand or tannoy system, so it wasnt a case of being rude and not applauding Bodmin, it was a case of not knowing and collectively recognising they were going up to collect their trophies.

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Returning to my question put yesterday about who thought who deserved to win - I guess the responses received back from my mini "mobile straw poll" sums up why we all love the game so much.

Varying views, all sparked off by a League official saying to me, just as I about to leave, which as a result had me thinking about it during the drive home - "well Saltash deserved to win!" I wasn't quite so sure, but I could see where he was coming from.

Anyway, the result of my poll, with answers from a current Radio Reporter, a current SWPL manager, another League officer, a SWPL club secretary, a former SWPL manager and a SWPL club chairman

Saltash United 3, Bodmin Town 3

Although I suggested a one word answer was sufficient, some did feel the need to justify their choice with comments such as:-

"Bodmin was the better side"

"mmmm ..... Bodmin (on points)"

"Saltash - because they beat Bodmin at their own game, two great headers"

"Saltash - defending is an art and skill itself and Saltash did that far better than Bodmin. Bodmin had, by far the better squad of players, or you can say individuals, but totally disjointed as a team!"

Finally, if you should want to hear who I thought deserved to win - well I thought Bodmin! :D:D :D

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The thread started with finals.

So did Wadebridge deserve to win. recovering from a 2-0 early deficit took some doing. If this team sticks together then they could suprise a few teams this season.

A simple answer is YES!!!!!!! Wadebridge

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Got to agree there - Wadebridge certainly deserved to win.

They looked really rocky in the opening twenty minutes, but once they settled down proved good enough to turn it around.

Particularly liked two of their side that I've not seen before ..... the hard working Grills upfront and Rushton in midfield. Great equaliser from his free-kick.

Budleigh for me tired too quick for a championship winning side. :D

Still think it's a great shame they weren't prepared to take promotion, but hey ho, that's another story! :ninja:

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I think Josh Grills has been with Wadebridge for a while mostly with the ECPl side. Pat Rushton was with newquay and is a Cornwall under 18 player.

I think the boys down west will know much more about them than me.

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