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1st and 2nd's subs !!!!!

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Holmans 1st tean in JCCL don't pay subs

Holmans 2nds in FHFL1 and Holmans 3rds in Mining2 pay £3 per match (1 and a half pints of beer!!!)

Our 1sts dont pay because they are senior players and we want the players to strive to pay for the 1sts from the lower sides

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The two teams should pay the same !! but I know its wrong with most senior clubs to get good player's into their 1st team side to ask them to pay £3 a game its not going to happen most players would want a little petrol money !!!!! this brings friction to the club as a whole :drink:

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Guest bundithegreat

at portreath we dont pay subs, reason being is that our commitee are very good at finding sponsorship each year, i dont think we have for the past 3-4 years since roger came along and keeps securing our sponsorship, its nice to not pay subs and also allows the younger guys in the team to enjoy football and not worry that they cant afford to pay, just wish all clubs were as fortunate as we are, we all want to see the youngsters playing, fingers crossed for the future

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