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In the game i played yesterday a young lad playing for our opposition squared up to one of my team-mates who promptly shoved him away. An older opposition player then got involved, shoving our player back because according to him, his team-mate was 'only a youngster'.

Now as far as im concerned it is a mans game and the players age should not excuse reckless behaviour nor be used as a get out of jail free card. But thats my opinion.

Any thoughts? :c:

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no matter how young a player is if he wants to dish it out, expect some back!!!!

dont use the only a youngster excuse!!

if u rnt strong enough dont play

if you dish out strong challenges, LIP or square up to someone then dont expect not to get any back just because you are a youngster!!

i was always know for putting in physical challanges even when aged 14/15 in mens footy, didnt expect anything less than to get the same back!!!!

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ive played 3 seasons of mens football, 2 at senior level and i give as good as i get, i dont see that the excuse of "only being a youngster" is codswallop. should not be an excuse to get out of a sticky situation and they should face the consequences of their actions!!

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