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Div 1

The Oxford 3 Tremough 4 (h/t 0-1)

A very close tough game on a rock hard pitch in baking conditions saw us equalize 3 times but it just was'nt enough as Tremough grabbed a late winner to rob us of a well deserved draw and joy of joys we have got to play them again this Thurs, just hope it rains between now and then

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Was a very very hot game!!!! Why oh why do we have to play Tremough in conditions like that??? Ha Ha.

Just want to say well played to all the lads for both teams. Was a very good game to be involved in and one, that maybe on another day could have gone our way.

Big thanks also go to Soccer Follower for refereeing at very very late notice (his Mrs gave him the go ahead!! ha ha). Was really appreciated and ,in my opinion did a very good job.

Cant wait for thursday now........... (anyone for a rain dance??) :thumbsup:

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