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Mining,Falm/Helston, league merge.

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will there be a vote on it .

i think it will be gud if it happens

The two leagues merging is part of the FA's pyramid system and it WILL eventually happen even if you oppose it. Both leagues are being sensible and putting plans in place to do it voluntarily instead of waiting until they are forced. I am understanding that there will be a vote concerning when it will happen rather than if. Current projections suggest somewhere around the 2010/11 season.

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Guest Dermot

I heard it will be in about 2 or 3 Seasons maybe after the Falmouth/Helston League Anniversary,also heard that there could be some sort of competition to name the new League when they merge.

I know that there was an earlier thread on here to come up with a name,ie Kernow League,Duchy West,West Cornwall League to name just a few,but it will more likely be prefixed by the Leagues new Sponsor as and when confirmed. ;0) :c:

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