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Guest Jezza

did you have full sides out?

Darren can't have been happy with that result, where did he play? in goal!

Seriously though can only be good for the club that the team can put in that kind of performance.

Congratulations on your first Reserve Team season and well done Darren and the boys on finishing their first season in the top flight comfortably out of the relegation zone. Have a great piss up presentation night on Saturday....:smiley20:

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Well, Jeremy, what can I say!

No I wasn't in goal (thanks for the vote of confidence!!!) - starting to learn to play in a 5 a side goal over the last season to continue my playing for another 10 years :D but not going to play in the big goals lol.

Fair play to the Reserves - we turned up with 1. a full squad and 2. mostly in our preferred positions so no excuse from me.

Although I did spend half an hour picking up all the rattles and toys after the game :lol:

Really really great to see the Reserves put in a cracking end of season performance - I hope (and expect) that they will take that on for next season. Darin Thomas has done a decent job in his first season of management, and he knows it's a tough job.

As for ourselves - a steady start to Div 1. Plenty of highs, some lows, loads of learnings.........

And yes, we are looking forward to presentation night this Saturday at Penventon Hotel with around 50 people attending.

.....and of course our annual tour to Torquay next weekend! :drink:

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Guest Jezza

Often the way with the inter-club matches, ours should be a ding dong this year. With all the banter in the club and with the Reserves (fingers crossed) coming in Champions, there will be a lot of pride at stake.

Not to mention the bragging rights for the whole summer.......

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