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Will they be able to fill it ??? :P:drink:

Absolutely Anita sweetheart, every home game has crowds of over 36,000 with a capacity of 36,310. There is a waiting list of 27,000 for season tickets alone and that is one of the main reasons I am peeved at this announcement.

Firstly to build the new ground next to White Hart Lane when it is probably the worst ground in the country to get to because of SHOCKING transport links is bad enough.

Add to that the fact that Tottenham could easily and regularly fill a 60,000+ seater stadium but apparantly are only going to build a 50,000 seater stadium and the sense in this decision becomes harder to find.

I can only hope that the club are being savi enough to build a stadium that will be full EVERY home game and then increase capacity in the future, rather than build a huge stadium and have loads of empty seats?.

I do hope that's the case because being a Spurs supporter means that if the Gooners Emirates stadium has a capacity of 60,355, I want the new Tottenham stadium to have a capacity of 60,356.

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Guest postman pat

in 3 years time they should easily fill their new ground if all the people that levy has sacked turn up to watch :P :lol:

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