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Rappo has bad game

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Downderry 2-4 Hayle Rappo 2 D Cooper 1 S Bendall 1

A game that had nothing at stake was played with a competitive edge and some meatty tackles were going in from both sides, Hayle started well but couldnt find the net missing a few good chances on the way until Rappo came up with 2 goals to give us the lead before Downderry centre forward found the net himself to pull one back and that was the halftime score.

The second carried on in the same fashion as the first both teams battling hard to win the ball and no quarter asked or giving the Downderry forwards asking questions of the Hayle defence on more than one ocasion but it was Hayle who came up with the next goal when Dave Cooper picked his spot and curled the ball low into the corner to make it 1-3 Simon Bendall then lobbed the keeper to seal the game for Hayle, before Downderry pulled another one back, Rappo went on a dizzy dribble (bit like Jimmy Johnstone used to do for Celtic) beating the same players about three times or maybe five before he fell over and flattened the poor defender took five of us to get him on his feet and had to dig the defender out of the grass and he didnt get his hat-trick so he must have had a bad game ( only kidding mate )

Final score 2-4 to Hayle well done lads. :drink::drink::drink: :drink:

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