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East Cornwall Refs V Cornwall super vets (over50s)

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Refs 2-0 Supervets

Wat was a very competitive and close game was won by a very young Refs side think they must have stopped by the youth club to pick them up.

All credit must be given to this supervets team we run our legs off and were the better team in the first half playing good passing football and limiting the refs to very few chances.

In the second half the old legs and the fact the refs had about 10 subs switching on and off all the time they started to get the upper hand and was a lucky goal coming off the back of someones head that gave them the lead, they got the second goal from a cheeeky back heel that found the net I have to say all the vets team can be proud of how they turned back the years with a good display and hard to pick out any indivdual but Peter Child in goal pulled off some great saves when we were under the cosh in the second half and Refs keeper was probably there best player.

The game was played in good spirit and well reffed by Neil Harvey and his linos.

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