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Combo Results 3rd May

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Newquay 5 v Holmans 0

No first team players before you ask. An even first half in which Newquay squeezed into a first half 1v0 lead; despite the wind. 2nd Half saw a resurgent Newquay with the wind at their backs and totally dominated.

2 goals each for Luke Wheldon and James Pennington with Scott Palmer adding to his incredible tally.

Newquay have had only 6 yellows and no red cards all season. Can oneone else out there match that ?

The Peppermints are going places. 2nd only to Truro in form since the New Year !

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Guest Helston Patriot

Helston 2 - 3 Penryn

S. Hawke

L. Eddy

The more Determined team won today. We had the more chances but didn't take them, but Penryn took thiers and punished us. Some sloppy defending and a good header was enough to give penryn all 3 pts. Not enough passion today so no complaints :( .. Well done Penryn.

Best of luck in your final games... :c:

Quick question. High foot in the box on the attacker, is it a Penalty or an indirect freekick? Not sure on this law. Never seen an indirect freekick given for that before. If it was in the centre circle would it have been a direct freekick? Personal/professional opinions please. Any ref's would like to clear this up for me please? Please Pm answer to prevent big debate, Thankyou

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Guest Dermot

Indirect free kicks are allowed for high foot (dangerous play)inside the box and impeding a players progress (obstruction) also is an indirect free kick in the penalty area. ;0) :c:

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Guest mariner

Did the young alan williams play any part today hoskins, he is such a great player, and sufferd a nasty injury against city

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I haven't seen an indirect free-kick given for a 'high foot' in the area since I watched Liverpool beat United 5-0 on ESPN Classic! Now that was a few years ago...

Holmans looked a little out of sorts today, I think they may have had a midfielder missing? The Newquay line-up is a lot stronger these days and to be honest we could have scored double figures if it wasn't for some dodgy finishing! Luke Whelden scored a couple of excellent headed goals and Scott Palmer chipped in with his usual goal. Good to see James Pennington bagging a couple of goals too. That goes some way to repairing the goal difference that was slightly undone at Truro on Tuesday evening...

Also, not a bad result given that we took a seven-a-side team to Holmans earlier in the season and lost a 60 minute match 12-0!!

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no sadly alan did not play today, he is still injured and probably will be for the rest of the season.

i joined an elite league today as one of a few goalkeepers to score in the combo league. a first half penalty to equalise, well when the manager and his asistant are away, and the captain is put in charge it is only right that i should take the penalties. i would have taken all free kicks and corners too if i was fit enough though.

Culdrose 1-3 St Day

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He He !!!

i was in portsmouth last week and that ball knocked on my door mitch,

i have been dying to take one since that miss but had not yet had the opportunity until yesterday.

two of our penalty takers this season have missed two each, and our next in line to penalty kicks was away playing cricket. andy tasker and john dale were away too so i was stand in manager for the day, hence the reason why i chose to take the spot kick.

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Guest Postie Pidge

Chris Symons, Barrie-John Wyatt, Chris (Chippie) Chapman, Paul Williams, Dan Carveth, Andy Angove, Andy Butcher, Martyn Kimmins, Mark (Charlie) Philpott and Kevin Roberts have all scored in the Combo

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