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Godolphin close the gap

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Godolphin's 6-1 win over Morwenstow still keeps the pressure on current leaders Torpoint and they meet each other on Wednesday evening!

The updated table now looks like this:-

Torpoint Athletic 23 19 3 1 89 22 +67 60

Godolphin 21 16 3 2 80 22 +58 51

Saltash United 22 14 3 5 66 25 +41 45

Launceston 24 14 2 8 62 31 +31 44

Tamarside 22 13 4 5 47 17 +30 43

Sticker 23 11 4 8 59 35 +24 37

Lanreath 21 11 4 6 39 28 +11 37

Biscovey 24 10 4 10 60 44 +16 34

Morwenstow 25 9 4 12 66 56 +10 31

Probus 23 8 2 13 38 59 -21 26

Liskeard Athletic 23 6 3 14 35 74 -39 21

Wadebridge Town 24 5 2 17 28 63 -35 17

Bodmin Town 26 3 2 21 12 112 -100 11

Padstow United 23 3 0 20 27 120 -93 9

After the midweek clash, the remaining games for the top two feature:-

Next Saturday

Godolphin v Lanreath

Torpoint Athletic v Sticker

Wednesday, 14 May

Tamarside v Godolphin

Saturday, 17 May

Morwenstow v Godolphin

And of course, then there's two that have to be rescheduled:-

Lanreath v Godolphin

Torpoint Athletic v Padstow United

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Division One is also coming to a remarkable conclusion. With 5 teams expected to be promoted to the premier division all is not clear cut just yet.

St Stephen have the advantage over Tavistock at the top of the table although Bere Alston could stay in the frame provided they win Tuesdays game at St Stephen If St Stephen win then they are champions.

The intriguing battle is for fourth and fifth place.

Nanpean Rovers have completed their season and are out of the running St Blazey have also completed their season and can finish no lower than fifth Cameflrod look the best bet to complete the top five as they have two games to play and they are at home to the bottom two teams St Columb Major and Lifton. Who said this was a poor ECPL league. And with at least 3 Plymouth clubs with excellent facilities expected to join the 2008-9 season could also be a cracker.

St Stephen 24 17 2 5 64 43 53

Tavistock 25 17 1 7 54 26 52

Bere Alston 24 15 3 6 64 28 48

St Blazey 26 14 3 9 55 54 45

Camelford 24 14 1 9 55 37 43

Nanpean 26 12 6 8 57 54 42

Polperro 25 12 5 8 54 46 41

St Newlyn 25 11 5 9 46 40 38

Bude 23 9 7 7 53 38 34

Callington 24 8 1 15 56 71 25

Roche 25 6 6 13 35 41 24

Holsworthy 24 6 4 14 46 71 22

St Columb 23 3 4 16 35 74 13

Lifton 20 0 2 18 18 69 2

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Sorry to disagree with you. You were at the League Cup final and there was some pretty good football played. It just shows that when when they play on a decent surface then the ECPL is quite good. In any case I expect this was the only ECPL game you saw all season so you are in effect only taking on board heresay. Mind you the first half the Liskeard and Bodmin ECPL game today was shocking. Far better fun at Kimberley stadium in the second half.

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Having played in the old South Western and Devon league's and now the ECPL, i would say the standard of football is not that bad. The top 6 teams are all about the same standard and are more than capable of beating each other. Granted the teams at the bottom are awful but most league's have their equivelant wipping boys and so its no different really. I also feel the league can only get better and could possibly become more of a "reserve team" league with the exception of the odd few teams. I think Tavistock and St Blazey are both on there way up from Division one and with the imminent arrival of Plymstock, Parkway and Elburton, its only a matter of time before these teams are in the premier league. And if Bodmin and Liskeard were to put a little more effort into running a first team closely with their reserve teams then these two could also become strong sides. All in all making the ECPL a pretty strong league.

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Barring a minor miracle, St Stephens will be Div One Champions.

We (Bere Alston United) lost at Camelford yesterday and on a day when we still had everything in our own hands, we produced our worst team performance since I have been at the club. Only GK Craig Howells came out of the game with any real credit.

It became all too easy for my players to blame a poor referee, but in reality they just did not perform (with the exception of our goal , when we carved open the Camelford defence).

To be honest, Camelford were by far the bettter side on the day and deserved their victory and have two bright young wingers who put us under pressure with their pace and movement every time they got the ball.

We go to St Stephens on Tuesday and even if we win there and beat Bude next week we can only get 54 points.

Tavistock are already on 52 and their last game on Wednesday is at home to St Columb Major. Despite playing poorly themselves of late, I expect Tavy to win that one putting them on to 55pts.

St Stephens are currently on 53pts and after playing us, they finish on Wednesday week with a home game against bottom club Lifton, who have only managed two points all season to date. That's as certain a home banker as you're gonna get putting them on at least 56 pts, so St Stephens can afford to lose to us and still be Champions.

However, my players owe it to themselves and the club to make St Stephens and Tavy sweat on their last games.

Overall I have found the standard in ECPL Div One to be okay, with the SWPL reserve teams, and Nanpean and Bude (who coincidentaly have two excellent youth set ups) to be the best equipped teams we have faced.

It does seem a little farcical that because of the restructure, that right at the end of a hard long season, there will be possibly be 5 teams going up, but as Bere Alston are almost certain to be one of those teams to benefit from the restructure, I am not going to look a gift horse in the mouth so to speak and feel that come next season we will be well equipped to meet the challenge of the ECPL Premier Division.

Also, the likely inclusion of the Plymstock, Elburton and Plymouth Parkway will only benefit the league in terms of standards of facilities and players and will narrow the gap between ECPL and SWPL Div One (E or W).

It may also result in not so many Plymouth based players travelling into the depths of Cornwall to play for SWPL teams leaving those such clubs to develop more home grown talent which can only benefit the leagues and Cornish football as a whole.

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