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Arthur Pearce Cup

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Just found out that Storm will be playing St.Just at home in the quarter final, Sat 3rd May!

This means that the quarter-final, semi final, and final will be played in the space of 8 days. Brilliant!

Hope we get to play in all of them and meet Dunn Cup winners Illogan in the final. There are, however, a couple of good teams standing in the way.

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storm 6-2 st. just :clapper::clapper:

storm goalscorers ; solly, dixie, matt thompson hat-trick and GARY O (with his standing foot)

ref. Ian Roberts.

thanks to the st. just boys who came back for a drink afterwards. :drink:

anyone know when and where the semi-final is?

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Storm 5-0 Trevenson (HT 0-0)

Excellent performance by us, carrying on from Saturday's good performance. We couldn't get hold of the ball much in the first 20mins but after that began to impose ourselves a bit more. We scored early in the 2nd half with 2 goals in 2mins and after that it was always going to be difficult for Trevenson. They worked very hard and it was a battle in the middle of midfield with Simon B running his ass off as always.

Nice to see some of the Trevenson lads out for a beer afterwards!

Someone has a headache this morning!

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great performance by the lads last night :clapper::clapper::clapper:

storm goalscorers : FATSO, matt thompson 2, solly and tom

great goal by fatso, mind you his other attempt went for a throw-in. ha ha

might see if i can make the bench for sunday and hopefully pick up my 5th winners medal in a row.

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