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mining one result 30/04

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Portreath 5 holmans 1

holmans took the lead with a penalty from the ever youthful graham jewell and played well first half although portreath did equalise before the break through stuart reynolds . second half portreath started to take control and scored four more goals from luke healan 2 kevin endean and stuart reynolds . thought holmans young keeper was outstanding and pulled off many good saves second half including a good penalty save . overall i thought portreath were poor but with a makeshift side they got the result . nice to see paul caddy out there running around . well he did run once i think . good luck to pitty and the rest of the holmans side in your remaining fixtures

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Thanks Sammo

We lived the dream for 20min when we were leading in the 1st half however contrary to popular belief we played with a pure 3rd team which in our terms is a cobbled together at the last minute team :D:D

we Battled well in the 1st half and frustrated the champions elect but once portreaths equaliser went in and injuries to a couple of important players their was only going to be one winner and if it wasn't for our yong but very talented keeper it would have been a few more

Good luck to all the players and officials at Portreath in the Combo next year . Holmans now need to beat spice in our last game and the more then likely Trevenson fixture that will need to be replayed to prevent us being relegated

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