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Falmouth Albion v Wendron 3rds

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29 th april wendron bannana pitch...

A fine day for football..result didnt reflect the game... Although an evenly contested game, Albion played the better football and had the best chances. Early on in the game, there were a few hard challenges. cough cough (benney). The two youngsters in central midfield were mentally scarred for the rest of the match. Although they did put up a fair fight the monster that is angove and benney controlled the centre of midfield. On the other hand wendron number 7 must have been imtimidated because he had moved position and released the ball early every time. This is most uncharacteristic for the over confident number 7.

A key chance for the albion substitute striker who drills the ball at the keeper. How could he miss, the tank in goal!

Highly contrversial yellow cards for two albion midfielders. Another card was issued to a wendron player.

This game was marred over as everyone wanted to get in and watch the greatest english team go through to the champions league final!

Over and Out......Vladimir.x

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On the subject of those tackles, some of them were boardering dangerous and it just looked liked because some of your players knew one of our centre midfielders it would be a good idea to kick him when ever they got a chance, saying that i can only comment on the first half and credit must go to the referee who i thought handled the game well

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most were hard and fair, although there were a number of occasions when albions no. 10 and 11 were only interested in foulling the player, in some cases in a reckless manner. All 3 bookings (including the one for us) were totally deserved, tbh the albion players were lucky not to be booked earlier. But the majority of the game was played in a good competitive sprirt

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The majority were fair and by most of the players, it was just those who thought that they were above the law

I reported the tackles here as hard and fair because i thought the referee handled the fouls correctly and didnt go over the top. as any other ref could of flashed alot more cards. So FAIRNESS was the correct term as the game was played in good manner.

Over and Out...Vladimir..

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