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ECPL RESULTS Tuesday 29th April


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As it stands -

Torpoint Athletic 23 - 19 - 3 - 1 – 89 - 22 - +67 - 60pts

Godolphin 20 - 15 - 3 - 2 – 74 - 21 -+53 - 48pts

Torpoint have 3 games to play

Godolphin have 6 games to play

Torpoint can reach 69pts

Godolphin can reach 66pts

Torpoint have a better goal difference by 14 goals.

The remaining fixtures for Torpoint are –

Godolphin v Torpoint Athletic - Wednesday 7th May

Torpoint Athletic v Sticker – Saturday 10th May

TBA - Torpoint Athletic v Padstow United (The Padstow match is an interesting one as the ECPL will not as yet give a ruling over Padstow failing to fulfil their fixture at Torpoint. I may be wrong but that would normally mean 3pts to Torpoint but a 0-0 score).

Assuming Torpoint beat Sticker and the league allow the Padstow match to be a 0-0 but 3 points to Torpoint, then Godolphin must win all their other games plus beating Torpoint as well as making up the 14 goal difference.

The remaining fixtures for Godolphin are -

Godolphin v Morwenstow - Saturday 3rd May 2008

Godolphin v Torpoint Athletic – Wednesday 7th May

Godolphin v Lanreath - Saturday 10th May

Tamarside v Godolphin – Wednesday 14th May

Morwenstow v Godolphin – Saturday 17th May

TBA – Lanreath v Godolphin

My honest opinion - I just can’t see Godolphin doing it even if they beat Torpoint. Of course if they don’t beat Torpoint then it would be over anyway. Its a funny old game

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Guest Peppermint

Thanks ECPL - as always a very comprehensive answer that sums up the rest of the season. Torpoint are obviously favourites but the matter of Padstow not fulfilling their fixture against Torpoint means that a possiblebig winning margin was denied to the border club. When Godolphin recently racked up a bigwin against Padstow.

Not Godophin'sfaultbut might cause a problem if it comes down to goal difference.

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