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The Falmouth former three reply in style!

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I know personally that Jamie Morrison-Hill, Aaron and Matt Cusack were all keen to ensure that their side of their recent release from Falmouth Town was accurately documented and I think you'll find they have done it in style in today's West Briton.

They contacted the weekly newspaper after Falmouth's manager Steve Massey's comments appeared in the newspaper following their departure.

Here's the rest of the article which appears on the www.thisiscornwall.co.uk website (© Cornwall & Devon Media Ltd) :"Massey had suggested a defeat at Tavistock 'didn't hurt them enough' and gave him the impression they 'didn't show enough passion for the shirt.'

The players, in their letter, say: "We feel that the article released by Steve Massey in the West Briton was an inaccurate account as to the real reasons for our exit.

"Firstly, we have been perceived to have had a negative influence within the changing rooms, which seemed fascinating, as to our knowledge there were no signs of unrest or conflict throughout the whole of the season.

"Secondly, as players and people, we have been brought up by our parents to always respect others and to never undermine individuals. However, Steve Massey's actions have reduced us to have little or no respect for a man who clearly has used the three of us as scapegoats for his failings as a manager.

"For him to publicly state that we "didn't show enough passion for the shirt" suggests that we were not prepared to work and fight for Falmouth Town.

"As players transferring from a title-chasing side in Liskeard Athletic, in the close season, we had experienced and understood the effort and commitment required to maintain a realistic championship challenge. In all honesty Falmouth Town were never going to sustain a championship challenge while Steve Massey was in charge.

"Money alone is not enough to win a title over the course of a football season; moreover, it requires team spirit, commitment on the training pitch as a squad and the ability to pinpoint situations that require improving."

The players say that, after a run of bad results after Christmas, Massey's response was to give the players a week off while he signed a new player.

They say: "We were going from one game to another having not kicked a ball in the interim but new players were being brought in as if that was the best solution. What effect do you think this had for morale/team spirit?

"We believe that, over the course of the season, Falmouth did not deserve to win any titles due to the lack of commitment on the training pitch.

"We can categorically state that since December, when traditionally the league table begins to take shape as to who will be challenging for honours, Falmouth trained no more then four times in four months.

"In comparison, Parkway and Saltash have been training twice a week wherever possible, and Bodmin at least once per week wherever possible."

The players also questioned Falmouth's training methods, claiming: "Two out of the four training sessions during a four month period consisted of swimming and water aerobics at a country club.

"Every team throughout a season experiences a slump in form and it requires hard work on the training pitch to address these problems so long as the individual in charge can recognise the need to change.

"This was never apparent at Falmouth while under the guidance of Mr Massey."

And of suggestions that the trio caused problems for the manager, they say: "All we ever desired was a bigger commitment to train on a regular basis. Is that an indication of three people who promote a negative influence in a squad?"

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