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Bodmin v Saltash - dramatic night

Guest Uncle Albert

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Guest Uncle Albert

Bodmin Town 1 Saltash United 0.

Bodmin only need to beat Buckland at home on Saturday to clinch the title.

Danny O'Hagan scored after 40 minutes.

Saltash had Gavin Coulton sent off in the 48th minute for an alleged elbow on Darren Gilbert.

The top of the table game was marred by serious injuries to a player from each side.

Saltash right back Stuart Clark was taken to hospital on a stretcher and in a neck brace after falling awkwardly onto the playing surface in the eighth minute.

He tried to play on, but collapsed on the pitch in the 22nd minute and was immediately helped off to the dressing room, where his condition deteriorated.

Parademics treated him in the dressing room for an hour before he was moved to a waiting ambulance.

And as the game entered its last minute of normal time, Bodmin midfield man Aaron Cusack went down near the home dugout clutching his left leg, clearly suffering cramp.

But his leg then went into spasm and his foot became dislocated, leading to Bodmin physio Diane Elliss rushing on to treat the player.

The foot quickly returned to its natural position but Cusack was kept still on the pitch, and the match was held up for 38 minutes before an ambulance took the player to hospital.

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Yes, Saltash always needed to win this one to stand any chance.

Up to date league positions:-

1 Bodmin Town 31 23 5 3 83 29 54 74

2 Saltash United 31 21 4 6 79 34 45 67

3 Plymouth Parkway 32 20 7 5 85 44 41 67

4 Falmouth Town 31 17 7 7 82 37 45 58

5 Dartmouth 32 16 8 8 62 50 12 56

6 Torpoint Athletic 31 16 7 8 53 46 7 55

7 Launceston 30 16 3 11 66 53 13 51

8 Witheridge 34 14 6 14 70 56 14 48

9 St Blazey 32 12 9 11 61 55 6 45

10 Tavistock 30 13 2 15 56 74 -18 41

11 Ivybridge Town 33 11 5 17 51 67 -16 38

12 Liskeard Athletic 33 11 3 19 62 61 1 36

13 Newton Abbot Spurs 32 9 6 17 52 85 -33 33

14 Buckland Athletic 30 8 7 15 51 54 -3 31

15 Holsworthy 33 6 10 17 46 75 -29 28

16 Elburton Villa 31 5 12 14 55 64 -9 27

17 Clyst Rovers (T) 33 7 3 23 41 95 -54 24

18 Cullompton Rangers 33 6 6 21 29 105 -76 24

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Guest Uncle Albert

Yes I think you're right Nugget. Bodmin just had too much know-how for the Ashes tonight.

The spine of the Bodmin team is very strong - Kevin Miller, Sean Flynn, Darren Gilbert and Danny O'Hagan. Three of those are ex-professionals, and it showed.

Glen Palmer did his best to ruffle Flynn with a horrendous shoulder barge. Flynn had already been booked and a lesser player might have retaliated. But Flynn laughed it off and marked Palmer out of the remainder of the game.

Bodmin have been known to bully teams but tonight they hsd to stand up and be counted. Saltash take no prisoners.

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Guest Macho Man

Dear Uncle Albert, I spoke to Di the other day and she tells me your note about Aaron was nearly correct. She ran on like the speed of light out of her lil box as she saw Aarons ankle dislocate. She said that type of dislocation can also cause a fracture which was why she just legged it on the pitch!!! It was after a few minutes that Aarons leg went into spasm and then pulled the ankle back into place. As she does not have xray eyes she had to assume the worst and kept him stable where he was. She also said that last years Bodmin physio(Jim) was a great help and wants to thank him again. Aarons ankle was not fractured but it looks like he will be out for the rest of the season. Get well soon Aaron.

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Guest Uncle Albert

Thanks Macho Man. I gather Aaron is ok and has been told to treat the injury just like a sprained ankle. Diane and Jim did do a great job, from what I witnessed. If anything like that ever happened to me, I'd like to think people like them would be around to help me.

By the way, Saltash's Stuart Clark is ok too. He suffered concussion and has a stiff neck but xrays revealed no broken bones around his neck. Again, he was expertly treated by Jim and the paramedics.

All ended okay in the end, thankfully. But it was worrying for all concerned at the time.

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Guest Macho Man

Thank you Uncle Albert. I will pass you comments on as I dont think Di checks the web!!!! Cant speak for Jim but when I see them I will pass on your message.

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