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Mousehole to Finish Season in 3rd spot

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As the season began , we weren't really sure what to expect from our new league.

A big aim for me and the boys was of course to try to finish above local rivals Penzance. That particular task has been in the bag for some time already.

Last nights 0-1 defeat for Vospers Oak Villa at home to Camelford assures us of a 3rd place finish in the SWPL Div1 (W).

Would like to once again thank the league officials for taking a chance on us last year and to all the clubs who have made this a great league to play football in this season.


Jeff Richardson

Mousehole AFC

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Fantastic achievement Jeff and without wanting to sound like "I told you so", I remember sending you a PM way back during pre-season predicting that this kinda finish was on the cards after watching you against a very strong and much fancied Bodmin side from the Premier league. It was clear to see you had a strong team spirit matched with some talented individuals.

Well done to all at Mousehole AFC.

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Guest Sport Lover

Well done all as Mousehole and thanks for looking after Ian think he has enjoyed it this year with you guys. 3rd place a very good achievment.

Also well done to Barry Prowse and Steve Wherry who completed the London Marathon.

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Guest Black&White

Yes well done indeed to all involved over at Trungle, an excellent season for the Seagulls. Here's another piece of good news Jeff! ...

SWPL: Wednesday 23 April

Penzance 2 Goonhavern 3 (h/t 1-2)

A few of the home side may have sealed their fate in front of the watching Trevor Mewton! Embarrassingly poor performance by the Magpies - and Goonhavern could and should have won by a bigger scoreline.

carlsberg South west peninsula league division one west wed apr 23


# Team Pl Wo Dr Lo Gf Ga Dif Pts


1 Wadebridge 28 22 3 3 65 29 36 69

2 Porthleven 29 21 5 3 92 30 62 68

3 Mousehole 29 14 9 6 65 52 13 51

4 Penryn 30 12 11 7 66 40 26 47

5 Camelford 29 13 8 8 57 49 8 47

6 Newquay 29 14 2 13 66 48 18 44

7 Hayle 29 11 10 8 52 38 14 43

8 Dobwalls 29 13 2 14 69 58 11 41

9 Foxhole 30 13 2 15 62 68 -6 41

10 Penzance 29 11 7 11 57 55 2 40

11 VospersOV 27 12 4 11 46 44 2 40

12 Millbrook 28 9 8 11 46 45 1 35

13 Wendron 29 8 6 15 42 62 -20 30

14 Callington 28 6 2 20 39 75 -36 20

15 Goonhavern 28 4 5 19 32 91 -59 17

16 St Austell 27 3 2 22 27 99 -72 11


23/04/2008 Foxhole 3 - 3 Newquay

23/04/2008 Penzance 2 - 3 Goonhavern

23/04/2008 Wadebridge 1 - 0 Callington


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Gives me no pleasure at all Nath!!

I forgot the game was on...nor did i hear any crowd noise...i could pee on Penlee Park from where i live :lol:

Would have paid a visit. Sure there will be some PZ boys looking for new clubs next season.

Wont be able to match their match fee's from this season though :huh:

Seriously though...PZ will be a completely different prospect next season and i look forward to locking horns again.

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Guest Black&White

Things can only get better, and no there wasn't much noise from the sparse home crowd, who were given the arduous task of voting for their supporters' player of the year :unsure: during the game - could have that which stunned them into silence!

Again well done to Mousehole :clapper: - and at the same time, Hayle :clapper: , who have also done extremely well - ensuring the Magpies will have to endure the tag of "worst team in Penwith", for the summer at least!

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Well done to Mousehole and Hayle. :clapper: Surely this is the first time ever that we've been the worst team in Penwith. :(

3:2 at home to Gooners is dreadful. :(

God knows who to vote for as player of the season as no one has been consistently excellent for us.

What was Mewton's expression like Nathan? :unsure: :wacko:

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Guest Black&White

Trevor seemed quite upbeat during and after the game and I'm sure appreciated the warm welcome and greetings he received from the supporters who did turn out.

Funnily enough some of them were among the noisy gang who used to sing "Cheer up Trevor Mewton" during our old meetings with St Blazey - it could be a touch ironic if Mewts is the man to finally cheer up the long suffering Pz faithful! :thumbsup:

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fiery jack & black&shite,what great supporters of pz you are,its been a very long time since pz have had a championship challenging side .only this season with launch of the new league have we been able to play other penwith sides and thus been able to compare. there have been better combo sides than pz over recent seasons including st just and st ives but because pz have been a south western league side they have always been better :unsure: lets hope the young players over recent weeks that have come in don,t take on board how shite they are or we might not have a team at wadebridge on sat.

and give gooners credit they have improved a lot recently,just coz they,re 2nd bottom they must be crap?-you plonkers

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I don't think you understand what I mean Handsome Dan: I think that a lot of the younger players that have come in have done very well. On Saturday in PLymouth they played some lovely flowing football and looked like the top six team we looked like at the start of the season...on another day we would have won that game 6 or 7 nil. What I mean is that we, with the town's resources and and cliubs facilities shouldn't really be in the position we are. The "3:2 at home to Goonhavern dreadful" remark was a quote from Father who was at the game...unfortunately work committments meant that I couldn't get down from Liskeard. Most people that know me at the ground would, if anything, accuse me of being far too positive towards the players and the team, not critical at all. Work will again prevent me from being at Wadebridge but I'll be keeping my phone open for the whole game hoping that we can get three more points.

I'm sure that there have been better local sides over the years than PZ but the truth is that this is the first year we've had the chance to compete on a level playing field and, yes, the team has been found wanting, especially, I think, since Quinn went.

Up the Magpies!

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