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Sorry for Wrexham

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Wrexham have lost their league status at the hands of my team Hereford United who won 2-0 at Edgar Street tonight.

For any Wrexham supporters please accept my condolences as I know what it is like to have your team lose their place in the football league.

We took 11 seasons to regain our status but I hope you regain yours as soon as possible.


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Guest Bushranger

Im with you one and a six,english league should mean english teams berwick and all(in my opinion),anyone think rangers and celtic will join prem at any stage?and then should it be called british premiership ?

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I agree one less Welsh club in the English League. Next up Cardiff City. I'm afraid cornishteddyboy does not know the constitution of the East Cornwall Premier League. The league is for both Cornish and Devon clubs the league name is irrelivant Perhaps it should now be called the East Cornwall and West Devon League.

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If that's your pathetic attitude then should we throw all the Devon teams out of the East Cornwall League?

Should Berwick Rangers be playing in the Football League and not the Scottish League and if so what division would you put them in?

Yes CTB Berwick should be playing in England. Sorry pal but its my 'pathetic' opinion that if you have a domestic league in your country you should enter it and not another countrys. even if they are a neighbouring country. You wouldnt see Real Madrid playing in the French league would you? :SM_carton:

As for you Redruth 07, your telling lies mush!!! :thumbsup::thumbsup: :c:

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