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Cornwall super vets V West Cornwall referees

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Super Vets 1-0 Referees

Mathews 1

A game played in good spirit by both teams the over 50s super vets winning with a goal from John Mathews 8 days after his 50th birthday still running all over the pitch like an 18 year old had great game in middle of park the goal came in the first half when Paul Birch sent over an inch perfect free kick to the back post for John to head in.

It was a good controlled display by the old uns against a much younger refs side who also had 7 subs to swap around when players got tired the vets turned up with bare 11 plus Dougie in the second half Micky Westgarth swapped sides and played for vets who defended deep not allowing the younsters to get behind them and keeping them to a few shots from outside area well done to both teams a most enjoyable night for all involved :drink::drink: :drink:

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We thought you done it to help us warm down after game John old bones and that :lol::lol: might have worked dont feel as sore today as expected :lol: Thanks for putting on game we always enjoy playing at Penzance im sure i speak for everyone involved with vets and refs.

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