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FHFL 2 RESULTS 21/4/08

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Guest geachy1

truro 2 - 0 mawgan

match swithed to truros main ground treyew road as malpas was waterlogged.

0-0 at half time.

truro have a good team but are cocky as hell!!!

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Truro 2 - Mawgan 0

Thi was a good game played with a lot of passion, the 1st half was all square with both sides having a few chances the best being when Jordan Davies hit the bar for Mawgan but couldn't finish off the rebound. Truro came out in the 2nd half and used the big pitch (and their youth) to their advantage and stroked the ball about and found space all over the pitch. Truro took the lead through a Mawgan mistake when Chris Towell misjudged a header and the mouthy little F&**er up front nipped in and toe poked the ball past supergeach.

Mawgan were now tiring on the big pitch but still tried to take the game to Truro but it was Truro who extended their lead from a corner which was in truth more down to poor marking rather than good finishing. Mawgan were now out on their feet and it left to supergeach (THE MONK) to keep the score down with a couple of tremendous saves.

Altough we had a right good go at them sometimes you just have to hold your hands up and say you have been beaten by the better team. I can safely say that they are the best team we have played this season and the 2 centre-backs Adam ? and the ugly fella (PLUG) who plays along side him are the 2 best in league.

In my humble opinion :wacko::wacko::wacko:


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Guest Tremough Defender

Is there any chance we could get a table update? Wendrons win from Saturday hasn't been added either.

Many Thanks


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Yeah Deano

Chris (Towler) Towell is the big fella who plays at the back, he has had an outstanding season and he got a terrible head injury a few weeks ago that would have stopped most people from ever playing again but seeing as it was only his head and he is like Frankenstein he just had a new head sown on and has got on with it.


You lads know you are good and played the game in the right way last night but there are a couple of arrogant little sh1ts in your team. The lad up front who wore number 9 is a complete arsehole and he has been lucky this season not to be knocked on his arse a couple of times, ok he is a good player but even you must admit he is a bit of a *****. Non of this is sour grapes as we were beaten by a very good side last night and in Adam your captain you have the outstanding defender in junior football and he has added to his game the ability not to be wound up anymore (and god knows I tried last night).

thank god you were in goal last night I don't think I could have chased you round for 10 mins let alone 90 ;) ;)

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Guest geachy1

Cocky? how you come to that conclusion geachy?

not on the ball cocky i mean off the ball getting sarky trying to be clever.

only the couple lads up front.

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