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St Agnes 2 V St Keverne 1

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Guest geachy1

i suppose its maybe be difficult to raise a strong side for st keverne mid week and having to travel to st agnes by 6pm.

were they at fall strenghth?

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NO idea if they were at Full strength Geachy, but it seemed they had plenty of players there!! agree with you about being a nightmare for St Keverne to come to Aggie on a Monday night!! shocking, furthest south verses furthest north!

Keverne were poor tonight I thought though, Aggie could have won by more, but saying that the visitors had their chances as well!!

Reeksy refereeing as well!! The usual mix bad of letting things go and clamping down on others!! quite funny to watch at times. Keverne's number 14 was lucky the ref never heard some of the things he was saying thats for sure, think that was Alan Thomas! and another young lad up front, Harry??? was superb, never stopped running

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on a monday night Deano its not acceptible, but I suppose that is up to the clubs fixture secretary's, I wouldn't fancy a 36 mile drive or whatever it is along that Helston Road at 5:30, and then not home till gone 9:00pm sod that for a game of soldiers.

Aggie scorers were Jimmy Gazzard with a great volley that the keeper should have saved. Tom Hills in the last 5 mins cooly slotted past the static carrot top in the visitors goal.

Don't think Aggie need me back anyway!!!

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