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Prediction League Table After Week 4

Guest Blue_Dude-(^_^)

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Guest Blue_Dude-(^_^)

Somersetspur 22

Bluedude 15

TMS 12

r-and-l 10

Xembla 9

Shifty 8

Woodmanaldo 7

Barbs 6

Danny-efc 5

Jules 5

Soccer follower 5

Hutchspur 3

Peck1961 3

Artificious 1

Bushy 1

Gloworm 1

Big no9 0

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Guest Blue_Dude-(^_^)

The predicting machine that is Somersetspur keeps churning out the results, I think I'm gonna wait for his predictions for next week and head straight down the bookies to make a killing!!

They never come off when you put money on them though do they?! :angry2:

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