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Guest crosser

no complaints here Tamarside were by far the better side, but at one nil torpoint always had a chance of nicking something. Problem being we didn't even test the tamarside keeper.

Congrats to Tamarside

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It was a pretty good game. I thought Tamarside always had the edge and played some terrific stuff at times. The match reflected well on the ECPL. At least next season we wont have to go through all the group cup games again. The gate was also about 230 a pretty good turnout.

It's now back to the league with both divisions looking to go down to the wire.

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The teams were:


1. Martin Piper

2. Matt David

3. Mark Bonney

4. Guy Powney

5. Mark Stevenson

6. Lance Bailey

7. Billy Allen

8. Adam Bance

9. James Cordon

10. Dale Wheeler

11. Dimitri Kanakh

14. Joe Knight

15. Lee Bevan

16. Matt Glendinning

Torpoint Athletic

1. Jamie Harrison

2. Dan Chapman

3. Tom Jones

4. Darren Shepherd

5. Roger Collins

6. Darren Wills

7. Ashley Menhennick

8. Dean Cardew

9. Wayne Jago

10. Lewis Kershaw

11. Liam Thornton

12. Tom Hall

14. Ben Waters

15. Darren Hicks

16 Luke Avis-Riordan

17 Darrin Veale

Match officials

Referee Steve Nute (Saltash)

Assistant Referee - Richard Butter (Launceston)

Assistant Referee - Darryn Bragg (Nanpean)

Fourth Official - Graham Rickard (Newquay)

H/T Tamarside 1-0 (James Cordon)

My match rating 7/10

Star man Mark Stevenson (Tamarside)

I must add I though the officials were very good, worked well as a team. Commonsense was used by the referee on a few occasions but he was helped by two teams not trying to knock lumps out of each other.

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Guest Peppermint

As a matter of interest is Lance Bailey and Lee Bevan playing for Tamarside every game because if it is the same Lee Bevan then he was playing for Tavistock against St Blazey two weeks ago and I thought Lance Bailey was playing for another Devon team in the Peninsula League.

If that it is so then what does the regular players for Tamarside think about being left out for the Final!

No doubt ECPL will be able to enlighten me.

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What a loaded question, to be honest I have no idea. I'm sure that the rest of the team will be absolutely delighted at picking up a winners award and the trophy. I guess this squad thing is confusing the mischevious ones. Don't look for something that is not there. He must have played at least 5 games for Tamarside or he would not have been allowed to play in the final so I am not sure what the problem is.

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It seems that ECPL is defending Tamarside for which we thank him and to make matters clear offically from Tamarside FC the squad used for the final did not use any players at the expense of any regulars.

Like 90% of teams in this division we do not carry 5 subs to a normal game but Lee Bevan made himself available for the final if needed as a sub so we took the opportunity to name 5 and played 2 of the permitted 3.

Lance Bailey continues to play games for both us and Ivybridge in his quest to return to fitness and was always in the anticipated team for the final once he had completed his 5 games a couple of weeks ago.

Unfortunately people can look for the negatives but from our point of view we have approached the season with the right intentions and used players accordingly to suit schedule of fixtures.

Players who did not get 90 minutes in the final were used in the second team fixture on Monday evening enabling them to get matchplay in and an opportunity for our under 18 players who turn out for the seconds to rest for their youth fixtures this week.

The first team entertain Torpoint on Wednesday evening and I am sure it will be not the team that started the final.

Why do some people have such a problem with our selection policy? Players are fully aware of how it works which I think you will find is the same as any club running a large set-up similar to ourselves.


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Guest Peppermint

I was not having a complaint but just mentioning the inclusion of Bevan and Bailey becuse they played for Newquay last season. Why are you being so touchy about a perfectly straight forward question.

The fact is that both players are CSWL PLAYERS!

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I suppose because it was not a straight forward question Peppermint. Your question actually was. 'What does the regular players for Tamarside think about being left out for the Final'!

That type of question is always going to provide a touchy response and I think Darren Stewart answered it perfectly.

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