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im comming forward to say that dave and hoops are 2 of the most focused and determined guys i know and having the pleasure of watching them coach and focus and drive truro forward i can only say im so gutted that its not worked out it will be truros loss and i know from my time at truro that sometimes watching dave and glyn and the players i felt proud even to be in their company and learnt so much, i wish lenns well and hope to catch up with him agin im gutted for cornish football and respect his decesion because i know it wont have come easy. but thank you dave take care and i learnt a lot from you i just hope truro someday realise what they will miss , ill still watch some games next year but and a big but some times football things must beleft to football people and not any thing else and in lens you had one of the best just hope cornish football wont live to regret it ... alan metters

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Guest philglossop

Remember the Walker Brothers song?

Theres no regrets

No tears goodbye

I don't want you back

We'd only cry......

Say goodbye again! :yahoo: :SM_carton:

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