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ECPL to increase membership to 32 teams


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I see your point BJ's and of course we should earn the right to promotion, but currently 3rd place in our 1st season in senior football isn't too bad at the moment.

You could also argue that do the likes of Padstow and Bodmin Res deserve the right not to get relegated after being cut adrift at the bottom of the Premier Division?

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Just read the statement regarding the number of places and entry into the SWPL for 2008 / 2009 and on that note it's congratulations to Godolphin.

However, can anyone shed any light on what it means to the restructure of the ECPL with the increase to 32 teams next season??

There are now possibly four or five teams in the race for 2nd place in Div One (i.e. St Stephen, Bere Alston, St Blazey, Polperro and Camelford) and a lot of football is still to be played, but as well as fighting for a top two finish, I'm sure that all these clubs like mine are already looking ahead to next season with regard to training, finances, friendlies, upgrade of facilities, and, most importantly, potential signings.

It would sure help if we have a clearer idea of what we're playing for apart from the obvious of trying to get 3pts in all our remaining matches.

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In fairness to KT look at the season so far for Tamarside, Morwenstow, Biscovey & Lanreath who were promoted last season in that order.

Tamarside are currently 3rd in the Premier Divison and in the league cup final.

Biscovey 6th

Lanreath 7th with plenty of games still to play

Morwenstow 8th.

Nobody was relegated last season but Bodmin Town and Padstow United occupy the bottom two places as they did last season.

The teams who came into Division One last season were Bere Alston, Lifton, Polperro & Camelford

Bere Alston are currently 3rd

Polperro 6th

Camelford reserves 7th

Lifton bottom.

Apart from Lifton it has been a good influx of clubs.

It has already been said on this site that Plymouth Parkway, Elburton Villa and Plymstock United reserve teams have made notice of approach to join the league. Plus St Dominick or even St Stephens Borough who could be playing on a 3rd generation pitch.

If as is expected Godolphin take promotion to the SW Peninsula League and Padstow United and Bodmin Town are relegated, then the Premier Division will need 5 teams promoted from Division One. If this is the case then one club will be relagted from Division One and one promoted from the Duchy League although this could end up being two. If so then 4 new clubs could be accepted into Division One from outside.

The league cup could then retrun to a straight knockout. They could bring back the Supplementary cup or have a Premier Division and Division One knock out cup.

Looks like exciting times ahead in the ECPL

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