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The Roberts Report: Albion 2 v 0 ST Keverne

Guest Roberts

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Guest Roberts


my phone is ringing of the hook with people loving the report of the penryn match and the detail i went into, so i thought id bless you all again...

Falmouth Albion v St Keverne

Top of the table vs bottom of the table in this clash played at dracena avenue on a lovely sunny night. Albion went into the game with relegation starring them in the face and badly needed points. St keverne needed points as well as they are pushing the league, and maybe underestimated the youthfull albion. Albion had radical changes to thier formation and thier usual 5 at the back was changed for a 3-4-3. Also this saw the Debut of the new assistant manager Simon Adams. The game started in a scrapy fashion and neither teams managed to get the ball down and play. 5 minutes in young Joe Benney was taken out in the penalty area. Neil Ansell stepped up confidently, but was told to put the ball down and up stepped Nathan Angove, with joe benney still down onjured the pressure was pilling up on young angoves shoulders but he managed to slot the PK home in stlyish fashion. St Keverne then managed to get the ball down and play a bit, but albion were pushing all over the park. St keverne managed to get a few long range shots in, but nothing that troubled the keeper. just before half time St keverne broke through one v one, but Ben olvier managed to get back with a great block. Albion 1 up at half time. The second half started in a simular fashion to hoe it finished. St kevrne with most of the possesion but never making it count, they just couldnt break down the albion defence. The game started to get pysical and late challenges started flying in. Albion made a change and rought off ben french and on came the assitant simon adams in a centre foward roll. 10 MINUTES INTO THE SECOND HALF THE BALL DROPPED FROM THE SKY TO CALL OF ONE JOE STEVENS AKA PAUL SHARNER, AND HE HIT IT ON THE HALF VOLLEY FROM JUST INSIDE HIS OWN HALF THE BALL SCREAMED THREW THE AIR AND THE KEEPER JUST MANAGED TO TAP IT ONTO THE BAR AND IT FELL TO THE TRUSTY SIMON ADMAS TO SLOT IT HOME FOR ALBIONS SECOND! Albion then managed to sit on thier lead and ran the game out, a brilliant late save form young ethan fern in the las minutes beat off any chance of keverne getting back into this and albion took the 3 points.

it was good to see so many keverne fans made the trip...

Mawnan on saturday for albion, can they keep this run up...

Joe Roberts

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QUOTE St keverne needed points as well as they are pushing the league, and maybe underestimated the youthfull albion.

Are you including me in the 'youthful' part Roberts :D

Just glad to get on, whatever the position, and be part of a great result. Excellent performance by the whole squad :clapper: .

25 minutes up front this season = 1 goal Not a bad record I suppose :D

(shame no goals playing at the back for the rest of the season :unsure: )

Unbeaten in my new role as assistant as well- a good night all round. Might have another :drink:

Team need to keep it going for the rest of the season now.

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Guest Roberts

dean, if that was one of the lamest bluffs ive ever seen!

i love woody rites a comment then on cums iamthebest!

bit fishy to me

dont blame ure made up profiles on me or i will rip u apart on here

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