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Kernow Football Alliance vs. Chagos Islands (BIOT)

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The Kernow Football Alliance return to action later this month, when welcoming Chagos Islands (BIOT) back to Cornwall for a second time on Sunday, July 21st.

It will be the first outing for Cornwall’s representatives on the international footballing stage since a 2-1 CONIFA World Football Cup qualifying win over Sapmi 12 months ago.

The fixture also marks the team’s first visit to Lux Park, the home of Liskeard Athletic, having played out previous home fixtures at AFC St Austell, Bodmin Town and Falmouth Town.

Chagos Islands (BIOT) - or British Indian Ocean Territory - return to Cornwall almost five years on from a 10-3 defeat during which Kernow striker Dan Jennings netted four times.

Reacting to the announcement, Kernow FA chairman Jason Heaton said: “It is an honour to welcome the Chagos BIOT team back to Cornwall after five years.

“I have a deep respect for all involved and I really admire their tenacity for football and international development.

“Maintaining our relationship is a huge part of our development process. We’ll be working hard to make this as special as possible

“We feel a good alignment, with all the hard work that has been put in by Liskeard Athletic at Lux Park.”

The Chagos BIOT team, based out of Crawley, have represented the ‘Chagossian community in exile’ for over ten years. Their manager is Jimmy Ferrar.

“When I first took over Chagos I had not even had a training session,” he said. “We arrived in Kernow and got a bit of a whooping and I - from a professional and a pride perspective - never took that well.

“The boys were playing a poor level of football but we now have, throughout the squad, people playing senior football weekly. The team has evolved and developed and I know the boys are looking very much at this game as a benchmark for how far have we truly come.

“We have recently adopted the official BIOT flag and have renamed the football team to represent the official flag, to help us in our long term plans to play regular international fixtures against other countries and overseas territories.

“I would like to thank Jason personally and the whole of Kernow for having us for this game. Jase is a friend and also a real top footballing gentleman. There isn't many around like him. We look forward to the game and to catching up with everyone before and after.”

The two teams are regular figures in the world of non-FIFA football, having each played under the umbrella of CONIFA, otherwise known as The Confederation of Independent Football Associations.

Ticket details and kick-off time are still to be confirmed. For news as it breaks, as well as for further information, search Kernow Football Alliance on Facebook, X and Instagram.

For information on a range of sponsor and partnership packages, contact Kernow Football Alliance chairman, Jason Heaton, via email to jason.heaton@conifa.org or over the phone on 07398 338216.


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