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England call up for Rappo??

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After another Hat-trick tonight versus Culdrose and one on sunday(and 17 others this season) that brings Mark' Golden Boot ' 'RAPPO' Rapsey's goal tally to around 409 goals this year.

Do we feel its time for Fabio Capello to come to the westcountry to see it with his own eyes?

What are your views...... Is it time for a call up the the england squad for the great Mark 'Rappo' Rapsey?

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nice one grah!!!! if he came down he would,nt be able to miss me mate,im about 18 stone!!!!!!!!!!! only had a hat-trick tonight cos it was 2 free kicks and a pen! im alrite if i dont have to run more than 20 yards bud!!!!!!!!!!! got 32 in fhl and 34 vets league.not me best season ever,but the knees think im about 51 mate!! i,ll try and save a couple for the big docs v porters game if you set me up!!??! :D :thumbsup:

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Hi Rappo me old mate, still here and still running around the middle like the proverbial headless, had a good one the other night 6 in the book :SM_carton_y: and one off :SM_carton: . I will have a chat with Capello next time he's here on his hols. LOL. When is the big game then????????? Docs and Porters of course. :clapper:

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