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Saturdays Foxhole v Roche…Home Win

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Just seen Saturdays Foxhole v Roche is already down as a ‘home win’! Anyone know the reason why? This will be the 3rd game the champions have been awarded this season which is a shame as am sure Foxhole would rather have played these games than other teams just taking the easy option…..

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It's certainly not an 'easy option' with a fine and points deduction. Think it's fair to say that 27th May is not exactly prime local football season and no one is really planning on football being played at this time of year. The Premier League is only still going because of the World Cup and we wasn't really impacted by that in the ECPL. It's also  Bank Holiday/Half term and players quite reasonably have other commitments including Cricket. Fairly sure it would have been played on the original date if not for the Moonsoon season back in March. 

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