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St Just v Penzance Reserves

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St Just 1-2 Penzance Reserves

Penzance went into this match unbeaten in 3 games whilst St Just had won their last 2 home games 3-0 and 6-2. In normal conditions these local derbies are end to end, hell for leather affairs but unfortunately the strong gale blowing down the pitch for the whole match followed by heavy rain from the 30 minute mark spoilt it and both teams had to adept their games.

St Just kick-off with the wind at their backs and stroll strait through Penzance to shoot just wide of Damien Norman’s left-hand post. The time on the clock, 7 seconds. Norman then attempts a goal kick but the ball gets 40yds and goes out to his left. This happens to both keepers all match as the wind whips the ball away.

Early St Just pressure is broken up and Penzance break forcing a corner on their left but they waste it.

A long free kick sees St Just get down to the Penzance bye-line on their right and they are awarded a free kick about 5 yds from the corner flag for a challenge. The resulting kick is deflected away for a corner. The corner on the left is long to midfield and the resulting volley flies over the Penzance bar.

More St Just pressure follows but is dealt with.

Then St Just are awarded a free kick for handball about 12yds out and 5yds to the right of the penalty spot. Norman had the ball in his hands, ran around a St just player, puts the ball on the ground to kick it out and then picks it up as the player comes for him. Penzance have 7 men on the goaline plus their keeper. A weak shot is easily kicked away.

Penzance quickly break down their left and the ball is passed across to Marcus Smith who is standing on the penalty spot with only the keeper to beat but he the roll of the ball fools him and he fluffs it and St Just recover.

On 15mins St Just try a speculative 40ydr that goes well over the top.

Three minutes later they go 1-0 up. A long wind assisted goal kick sees 2 St Just players 15yds behind the Penzance back line. With the Penzance back 4 standing still expecting and off-side decision, Stuart Nicholls traps the ball, turns and fires home a volley to Normans left from 25yds out. Penzance protest to the ref but there’s a new rule that says you can’t be offside from a goal kick.

St Just with their tails up press forward to add to their lead. A corner on their right is palmed away by an under pressure Norman but the shot that comes in is well wide.

Penzance then work their way up-field and get another free kick which when taken is a simple grab for the St Just keeper.

We then see a series of throw-ins some for both sides that last for about 5mins. Must have been about 10 in all.

By now the heavy rain has started which helps the team playing with the wind. On 31mins St Just break down their right, put the ball in but it is cleared away.

Then there are a couple of bookings. A St Just player for a lunging tackle and Danny Michael for a silly tackle from behind. The resulting St Just free kick goes way over.

Then against the run of play Penzance equalise. Penzance break from the middle down their left. The ball is crossed in and Marcus Smith volleys but the keeper stops it. The ball comes out and Danny Michael and the keeper go in for it and it squirts out to Alfie Turner who volleys into the net from 6yds out. 41mins on the clock 1-1.

The keeper is injured in the challenge and we have a delay while he receives treatment.

On 45+3 St Just get their last corner of the half but it is kicked long and goes out of play.

The ref ends the half which is dominated by St just and the wind. Of the 45+6mins only about 10 is spent in the St Just half but for all their dominance Norman in the Penzance goal didn’t have to make that many saves as the St Just finishing was woeful.


Penzance substitute Gavin Edwards for Danny Michael.

Penzance start the 2nd half strongly forcing St Just to give away a series of free kicks. The last one results in a shot just wide of the St Just upright.

St Just get back into the match and for the next 15mins match Penzance and at times dominate. A St Just corner is beaten away before Penzance break downwind but Marcus Smith fails to latch on to a ball that goes across the goalmouth.

A St Just player gets a booking for a rough tackle on Danny Magee who goes down. He bangs the back of his head and a few minutes are needed for treatment.

Penzance bring on Liam Bennett for Jack Liddicoat.

Penzance are now starting to use the wind to their advantage and win a corner on their right. The ball is curled in and the keeper palms it away for another corner. This one curls in and is headed off the goaline.

In my notes I’ve put game is being ruined by St Just due to lots of free kicks. The ref had his whistle to his lips continuously for these infringements. St Just were leaving their leg in at every tackle.

On 71mins Penzance substitute Charlie Pearce for Alfie Turner.

Penzance break down their right and a high shot is well saved by the keeper. The ball comes out, is crossed in again and Charlie Pearce manages to head over from 2yds out!

St Just then break but a low shot is deflected out for a corner which is cleared.

Penzance then break down their right and Magee puts in a great cross to Marcus Smith who beats one defender, volleys but the keeper makes a great save to force a corner.

On 87mins St Just make a double substitution.

Another Penzance free kick from 35yds out comes in but is headed away for a corner.

Once again my notes say St Just giving away free kicks due too their tackling.

With the game winding down Penzance break down their left, cross mid-field. The ball is crossed to Zak Podd who volleys from 30yds out. The ball flies into the net on the keepers left. 90 + 3 mins 2-1.

A minute later the ref blows for full time.


Penzance man of the match – Darren Ball, strong in defence, great at marshalling his back 4, and brilliant at starting attacks. Chris Bullock had a good game in his debut game for the Magpies.

The game was ruined by St Just with their constant fouling.

Crowd 53 hardy souls.

Corner count is reflects the influence of the wind

St Just 8-7 Penzance (1st half 6-2 to St Just, 2nd half 5-2 to Penzance)

Praise must be given to the ref and the 2 linemen for their handling of the game. They did a great job in the rough conditions. Well done Ian Smith for Penzance.

Penzance- Damien Norman, Jack Liddicoat, James Street, Mark Grenfell, Darren Ball, Danny Michael, Zak Podd, Chris Bullock, Marcus Smith, Alfie Turner, Danny Magee

Subs – Gavin Edwards (for Michael), Liam Bennett (for Liddicoat), Charlie Pearce (for Turner), Jolan Williams

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obviously you've never played football before because if you had you'd know derby games were full of passionate tackles and derby's are a game which neither sides want too lose! as for the game being ruined by st just players leaving they're boot in,Can you tell me what happened when you scored your first goal?????didn't your striker two foot our goalie who had the ball in his hands and dislocate the goalies finger!!!!thats leaving your foot in :SM_carton: >>penzance may have a good run going now but lets see the result next week with no first team members in your squad. penzance/newquay mom had too be dan magee. he made your side tick all game with good runs and brilliant passes. anyway see you next saturday

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Penzance went into this match unbeaten in 3 games whilst St Just had won their last 2 home games 3-0 and 6-2. In normal conditions these local derbies are end to end, hell for leather affairs but unfortunately the strong gale blowing down the pitch for the whole match followed by heavy rain from the 30 minute mark spoilt it and both teams had to adept their games.

Read what's already written.

As for the tackling from St Just, even your supporters were commenting.

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It's nice to be able to say that I completely agree with my fellow Tewster Crazy Coot :clapper:

Not that we're related. One of my distant ancestors was from a completely different race: he came from Marazion. Impressive detail, CTB, except where you let your impartiality slip for that one sentence !

I won't bother with the predictable comment that, had it not been for a rearranged rearrangement, in other words, the usual influence of John Roberts, allowing members of the Pz first team to join the squad after bringing forward their normal playing time to Friday night, the pick among them players pirated from St Just a few years before, the result would have been different. I'd also like to say we'll see on Saturday, but who knows, Foxhole may also fancy an evening kick off, in which case.......I again feel sorry for Mullion and Ludgvan that the old goat is perpetuating the annual farce........

Oh, what else can I say ? The Pies needed a result, St Just are....well, St Just are now quite literally St Just and at the moment........

The winning goal was a corker: the discourse of the celebrating team-mates centred on the fact that this was very much a one-off that the boy would not repeat if given fifty similar chances a minute for eternity. Well hit....even beating the skilful Andrew Curnow. Credit where credit's due !

I won money on the sweepstake this week on how often the key word got mentioned in the Indy report, so that's another plus !

see y'all at Penlee Park, spose. :D:yahoo: :drink:

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