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Women's FA Cup Final.

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Chelsea Women 1 - Manchester United Women 0.

I thought that over all the match disappointed. Neither team matched up to their full potential in my view. There were injury problems on both sides of course, but I thought the match was missing the usual attacking flair we've become used to from both teams. Perhaps nerves played a part, playing in front of a massive crowd of 77,390 spectators, including the Prince of Wales, but, there was far too much playing back towards your own goal for my liking.

But Chelsea took the cup, delighting Emma Hayes the Chelsea boss and thus the blues did it again. Goal scorer Sam Kerr struggled when she first arrived at Chelsea - her fitness level was below that of our women's premier league in my opinion. The speed of the game in Australia is slower than in the WSL from the games I've watched. That said, Sam obviously got stuck in and has achieved much. Well done Sam Kerr and well done Chelsea Women.

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