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It looks like troubled times are over the horizon re: Gerrans FC.

I now see the Duchy League has made an official statement on this matter. One can only hope it is brought to a speedy conclusion.

Admin Edit:

Taken from Duchy League Website


A number of clubs are wondering exactly what the position with Gerrans F.C.

is following my letter informing of their suspension from the League.

I can only give basic details, while the case is ongoing, but it is

especially important for the other clubs in Division Three to know some

more detail.

A protest was received from Roche F.C. in relation to two players who

played in a match between the two clubs. One referred to Jamie Trudgeon who

was registered with Grampound and the other referred to a player who was

serving a County suspension. A commission was called and Gerrans refused to

attend claiming it was unsafe to travel in the high winds on the night. All

members of the commission, Roche F.C. and two other clubs who faced another

commission on the same night all arrived. Gerrans by letter admitted that

Jamie Trudgeon played and therefore in their absence the match result was

reversed to a 1-0 win to Roche as per rule, and you will see that the table

has been amended to incorporate this. They denied the other charge and this

has been passed to the County to consider action.

Gerrans F.C. was also asked to answer further allegations relating to

playing players of another club in a series of matches around Christmas and

the New Year. As the commission could not question them on these

allegations, they have now been charged over three matches where it is

alleged contraventions of rule has taken place. They have not at this stage

answered these charges. The club was immediately suspended by the

commission for failing to attend the hearing and this was ratified by the

full management committee three days later.

Some of the matches under the latest charges may affect promotion and

relegation positions and the League is anxious to reach a speedy conclusion

for all clubs.

Further developments will follow once the club's fourteen day response

period expires early next week.

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:c: Hi Pablo,what they should have done was to allow Gerrans to play the remainder of their fixtures,then kick the Cheats out the League,this would settle any relegation and promotion,but my feeling is that they will kick em out anyway and expunge their record in the Division,which will cause havoc with a lot of Clubs,which will include mine

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You're absolutely right Shane. What worries me is the time being taken to sort this mess out. Potentially there are half a dozen clubs who will be affected by this and the longer it is left, the worse the mess will be. As you say, they should make them play or simply award wins to any team who has yet to play them. Dithering is pointless.

For the record, Bodmin Saints lost fourteen goals from their tally when Padstow Reserves left the division. If Gerrans' record is expunged, they will lose another ten goals. Yes, it may be unfortunate, it is also a shame for the players who scored the goals. The club and the players have already been hard done-by.

These are my own opinions and not necessarily the opinions of Bodmin Saints FC.

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Personally I think rather than throw teams out and possibly lose another football club, wouldn't it be better to relegate them to the bottom division of their league? I realise that clubs in bottom divisions could also flout rules, in that scenario all points gained could be taken away.

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I'm not positive, P P but I believe Gerrans are accused of playing unauthorised players on at least three seperate occasions. Whatever the amount, it is wrong and very unfortunate for the other clubs in the division. Just occasionally it happens accidentally but I personally don't believe three occasions can be called an accident.

The above is my own opinion and not necessarily the opinion of Bodmin Saints FC, though I suspect they are of a same mind and maybe would put their opinions more strongly than I have here.

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Nope, that statement was made days ago! It was posted early last week. I assume the fourteen days bean at the time of suspension of the club concerned.

There are five or six clubs in Duchy 3 awaiting the outcome of something that is no fault of their own. Bodmin Saints have no idea if they finish their season this coming Saturday or even next month. I personally believe the Duchy League need to clarify what is going on. I spoke to Mike Newcombe last week, he told me the situation is delicate. Does this mean; it is too delicate?

My questions, comments and opinions are my own and not necessarily those of any of the clubs involved.

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