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Mike Odgers

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9 hours ago, Mike Odgers said:

I have just seen on Falmouth Town F/B  a supporter has seen all  21 Away League and Cup matches using Public Transport and probably seen all 47 Home and Away games.

I make that an all round seasonal journey of almost 5000 miles (4930)

Yes Mike. Richard should be commended for his dedication. There's  also a hard-core of supporters that travel on the players coach,the wife and I included although we have missed 2 games due to ill health.Others like to make a weekend of it and make their own way.Theres also the ex pats that live in the Bristol area,2 that travel down from the West Midlands and Craig  who travels from Wales for the Bristol area games.Must also mention the family from Cheshire who saw us at home in a pre season friendly,loved the experience and have also come down for the Bristol based games.We can usually muster 40-50 f troopers for an away game and have on occasion out numbered the home support.

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Any supporters who have done the miles deserve all the credit. So this season for the Ashes a big shout out to Gav who has been on most away trips and Saltash Fan Dan. 

Personally I missed only 2 (Helston away when in 🇬🇷 and Cadbury Heath (mum in hospital) so taking in PSF starting at Callington I’m from memory at 48 with Ashes but I took in a few other games in WL and SWPL. 

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Chris Gilbertson, Mousehole super fan, was at every 1st team game home and away. Honourable mentions also to some of the volunteers with official roles (eg Andrew Large, Kevin Bishop) who if they missed any games at all it would have been one or two at most, and to Les Calver (father of Jack) whose only missed game was a behind closed doors midweek friendly. 

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