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  • Gary Hocking changed the title to FIXTURE SUNDAY 9TH APRIL

Moneyfields vs St Austell is off. I’ve not seen anything official but I assume that, for the second weekend in a row, St Austell have been unable to field a team. Such a shame that their season is ending in this manner.

If anyone from the club wishes to correct my assumption please do so on here or DM me on Twitter. 

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  • Gary Hocking changed the title to FIXTURE SUNDAY 9TH APRIL (CANCELLATION)

No statements have been made by St Austell in respect of either last week’s cancellation or this week’s. The facts as I understand them are:

Last week’s opponent Portishead stated on the record that the game was postponed because “St Austell couldn’t raise a team”. The League has subsequently allowed the game to be rescheduled (on 30/4) so it may be that the League considered there to be extenuating circumstances. St Austell haven’t commented on either the postponement or on the rescheduling.

This week’s opponent Moneyfields have said only that “for reasons outside our control today’s match against St Austell is off”. Again, St Austell haven’t commented.

In the absence of any direct statements from St Austell I have assumed that today’s cancellation is because they have again been unable to raise a team. It’s only my assumption though. 

If my assumption is correct then, yes, I agree with you Dave that for a Step 4 team to pull out of two consecutive fixtures (despite having 36 registered players) is very disappointing. I would love to be told by the club though that my assumption is incorrect and that there are in fact extenuating circumstances explaining both last week’s cancellation and this week’s. 

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Just received a email:


matt said:

Hi, Just wanted to update you on the St Austell ladies game today v moneyfields,  They had more than enough players today, 14 I believe, which isn't bad considering it's Easter day, however there were a few complications that have arisen for today's game, so it wasn't anything to do with not being able to raise a team, the girls they were fully committed as usual. Just wanted to clarify this with you. I'm sure the club will update you in due course but it's certainly nothing to do with not being able to raise a team 





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Clearer, but certainly not a better picture.......

I heard earlier that after announcing he was stepping down at the end of the season, their manager went AWOL. The players, supporters and coach arrived at his house on Sunday to pick him up on route to the game and he wasn't in and didn't respond to calls and therefore they had no kit, no balls, nothing and were left with no option but to turn around, go home and cancel the game. 

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