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Football prediction league anyone?

Guest Blue_Dude-(^_^)

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Guest Blue_Dude-(^_^)

Ok there's only 7 games left in the prem league. Who fancies doing a prediction league?

I'll put up 6 games for the forth coming weekend and every weekend after that.

3 points for a correct score and 1st goal scorer.

2 points for correct score.

1 point for correct goal scorer.

Ok here goes

Birmingham City vs Man City. I say 1-0 Forrsell

Bolton vs Arsenal. I say 0-2 Fabregas

Man Utd vs Vile (soz) Aston Villa. I say 3-0 Ronaldo

Chelsea vs Boro. I say 3-0 Drogba

Liverpool vs Everton. I say 1-0 Gerrard

Spurs vs Newcastle. I say 2-0 Keane

Please note all predictions must reach me via PM 8pm Friday night. If your 1st scorer dosen't play it's tough sh*t.

I'll do a league on the day after all teams have played on this page.

The winner of this competition gets an all expenses paid weekend in Rochdale. Good luck to you all (that'll probably be 3 at most :blink: )

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Guest danny-efc-pafc

birmingham 1 man city 3

bolton 1 v arsenal 2 (davies)

man u 3 v villa 0 ronaldo

chelsea 2 v boro 1 fat frank

liverpool 0 v everton 1 yakubu

spurs 2 v toon 0 keane

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You can all go home now cos 'The Natural' has finally decided to give you the right answers!!

Birmingham City vs Man City. 2-0 (Sebastian Larsson)

Bolton vs Arsenal. 0-3 (Cesc Flabbyass)

Man Utd vs Aston Villa. 2-1 (Carlos Tevez)

Chelsea vs Boro. 1-1 (Tuncay)

Liverpool vs Everton. 3-1 (Ryan Babel)

Spurs vs Newcastle. 4-2 (Robbie Keane)

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Guest Postie Pidge

I think only 2 people have scored any points so far (excluding Sunday games) and that was for guessing Ronaldo scoring first for United

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