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Guest Blue_Dude-(^_^)

God know's what the Dutch geezer was on about, but i pmpl especially when the audience was so staight faced! :thumbsup:

I love the owned videos! Jeez that kick boxers leg eeewww :wacko:

Do some more Coopsie :clapper:

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Guest crosser
Guest Ronin

Coopsie/Crosser I haven't laughed so much in ages. That lot certainly cheered me up after that chronic England game tonight. I won't be able to sleep tonight for giggling :D

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If you have an OPEN sense of humour and are not too easily offended, PLEASE turn up your volume and have a giggle at this guy. Some of you may have already seen/heard it but bloody hell it makes me laugh.


coopsie thats so funny i havent laughed so must since winno subed his little baby eddy last night,kiked all his dummys out the pram,like wiino said you just made a right ass of your self,oh well still only a boy will grow up one day,all a side well played helston should have got somethijng out of the game :drink:

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