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Hospitality in Cornish football

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Is there any teams which have match day hospitality in Cornish football. 

I’m very much a fan of standing at the football and like nothing better than taking the dog to a local game (normally Bude or Launceston). However I’m of an age were I am beginning to see the benefit in hospitality. I have been in Club Wembley for an FA Cup semi final and it was a fantastic experience and have also done hospitality at Hearts a couple of times and it was a very nice change to the norm. 

So that got me thinking. Is there hospitality at non league level and is there any in Cornwall? 

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Not normally. However, if you sponsor a game, then I expect they will push the boat out a bit.

I’ve done it at Arsenal once (poor) and the cheapest option at Brentford although it has to be purchased for you by a STH (£100, decent seat, access to a lounge 2.5 hours before KO and some time after the match, good Wi-Fi, bar and food outlets and a free programme).


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