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2 hours ago, mattelot said:

Great turnout from barum supporters,glad they took the advice about the drum. Loads of noise and flags ,more flags than Helston supporters😚did I hear the commentator say?🤔

Think they included the flags in the attendance figures.

Don't forget the little man in the traffic lights behind the goal, he was in red.....


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7 hours ago, BrummyBarry said:

I like it when hes impartial and I think he's getting better at holding Helston players to account when they make mistakes or act in a bad way. Id like to see him commentate for Piran on a different game that doesn't include Helston

We have done a couple of awaydays to Shaftesbury and Salisbury this season, but I take your point. May be we’ll look to do some promotion play off games. Please let us know if you have any suggestions.

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