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Newquay 8 - Godolphin 2

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Jack Rapsey was on fire this afternoon for Newquay i reckon he scored 5 , but i thought he was having a awful game in the 1st half then he only goes and puts Newquay 1-0 for which they deserved after dominating the match and god knows how it was only 1-0 at ht .

The 2nd half Newquay just seemed to keep scoring Godolphin where awful in the 1st half the defence played so well to keep the score at only 1-0 but the 2nd half they where so poor ,Newquay seemed to score every time they attacked and Cam Turner if theres  a better passer of the ball i have yet to see him he was superb and  Jack Rapsey just seemed to score every time he had the ball he reminded me of his old man none of Jacks goals where blockbuster shots but he just had  astrikers instinct to put the ball in the net it looks like hes found his home because i saw him playing for Wadebridge and he never looked like scoring but now he cant stop scoring .

Ben Colqhoun came on to add a bit more in attack for the G and his pressuring resulted in a Newquay player putting the ball in there own net .

Newquay played some lovely football but today they really didnt have much opposition Newquay goalie Harry Ashton will not get a easier game all year well at the other end G goalie had his work cut out keeping the score down to 8 .Newquay had players of the calibre of Noah Teagle and ex G player Matt Saunders to bring on while the G had no one of that calibre but Ben will always run his heart out for the G JUST a pity there wasnt more like him in the G TEAM 

Newquay look a force at the moment but we will see how good at there next match away to Wadebridge that will be a cracker .

It was nice meeting some nice people and i got talking to this nice man who has something to do with the football association he told me hes at Chelsea tmmrw ,he said he takes footballs top man Phil Hiscox to games .

Ok MOM for Newquay got to be Jack Rapsey but Cam Turner was close and for the G im going for the goalie Alex Cooper .

Lovely afternoon for watching footy Smokie was shaking with the cold and people where telling me he should have a coat on but he wont let me put it on him .

Attendance think it was 381 not bad thought there would of been in the 500 MARK .

Ref did ok 1 decision was strange when Newquay scored 1 of there goals the linesman was flagging for offside and he overuled him and  gave the Newquay goal .

Well Done NEWQUAY and GODOLPHIN hope things get better but its going to be a long season ahead but they cant play as badly as that again can they 

Nearly forgot Alan won the 50/50 

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  • 100%cornish changed the title to Newquay 8 - Godolphin 2

Thanks Steve, trust me to be 550 miles away when Jack scores 5 goals!! 🎅🏼🙁 His sister was keeping us up to date with the score! Sounded like the G worked hard defensively to keep Newquay out until the 42nd minute but just ran out of steam 2nd half. Newquay are excellent going forward though ain’t they Steve, could have had 10 against a good Bude team last game. Tough game at Wadebridge on New Year’s Eve, if it’s as good as the 3-3 earlier in the season it should be a cracker mate 👍👏🏼 Just went to watch East Kilbride v Gretna and it got called off!? Too much snow on their 3G pitch!!? 🥶🥶🥶 Oh well, no football for me this Boxing Day 🙄🎅🏼👍

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You would of thought Godolphin had 2 differnt teams out in the 1st half and 2 nd 1st half the defence where doing well 2nd half well they where awful ,you would never of thought Jack would get 5 after the start he was having but thats football for you .

Sorry to hear East Kilbride vs Gretna was called off that will teach you going to these Exotic places .

See you soon Mark and go carefully driving back if you did drive up there 

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