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What a night!!

Started off with a huge hail storm just before kick off and both teams hiding for cover who at the time were out warming up. Soon after, the electric went and off went the floodlights. Shame they came back on really!! :lol:

St Blazey never got going at all, and rarly threatened while Launceston looked alot stronger and threatened all night to score.Even the lights went off in tthe second half once more, but sadly ,they were back on in a few minutes and we continued to the end!! Spider in the Launceston goal had a quiet night, although im sure he enjoyed the banter with the Blazey crowd gathered behind the club house end. Really good atmosphere, shame about the result!!

After that, it was a drinking and pool time :drink: finally home by 1am!!! Feeling rough now, as its time to go to work!! :wacko:

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Guest Uncle Albert

Blazey fans were the men of the match last night. Atmosphere was brilliant under the stand behind the goal, and some of the songs were classics. The cheer when the lights went out nearly took the roof off before the gale force wind could.

As for the game, Blazey looked out of sorts all night. They could have been 3-0 down, rather than just 1-0 down, by half-time. In the second half they just carried on their dominance - and put away their chances.

Blazey continue to blow hot and cold - and boy, was it cold last night!!

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HAHA!! We were getting a bit desperate Spider!! We had a lack of football to get excited about!!

As for the lights, I cant remember the lights going off during a match before at St Blazey. They did go off at Tavistock a few years ago. Great chant off, we havnt paid the bill, we havnt paid the bill, the bill, we havnt paid the bill!!! Certainly passed the evening away!!

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I'll take the blame/credit for the YOU FAT SPIDER!

A cracking night out - obviously the performance and result was not the required one but good to be back at home with accents I can understand.

Hopefully Bradford PA will get promotion and Blazey can finish in the top 8 - that'll do it for me. :c:

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