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17 minutes ago, cornishteddyboy said:

Sorry to any anti vac'cers out there, but.......

COVID hasn't gone away. 

Now is the time to book a booster or make sure you have had both shots. 

Let's keep everyone safe this winter, our referees, your team-mates, your officials, your volunteers, your supporters ......

100% agree. It's free of charge, many pharmacies are doing "no appointment needed" walk ins, it's quick and painless (I had very mild flu symptoms the next day, which quickly passed). One less thing to worry about this winter. Don't forget your flu jab as well.

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Well said both. We have been told that Covid is rising rapidly across the country and Europe as well. It amazes me how often you go into the shops or supermarkets only to find you're the only person wearing a mask. I think that especially, if the shop staff are wearing a mask then customers should also wear one. 

I don't understand folk who are against the vaccines  - unless of course you have a serious and complicated medical condition, then you should seek medical guidance.  It seems irresponsible to me not to wear a mask in close conditions, as in shops or supermarkets.

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