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Promotion to and from St Piran

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The documentation and procedure to be followed for those clubs seeking promotion to Step 6 at the conclusion of 2022-23 season has been received from the FA today and forwarded to all member clubs.  This process is managed entirely by the FA and all applications have to be lodged with them by 31st December

Similarly, I have this afternoon forwarded to the Secretaries of the ECPL and the Combination Leagues the process to be followed for clubs seeking promotion to St Piran for dissemination to their member clubs.  This also includes the process to be followed for clubs wishing to fill any vacancies that may occur once promotion and relegation matters have been settled.  Applications for promotion and to fill a vacancy must be received by the League no later than 31st December.  If any club seeking promotion to St Piran or applying to fill a vacancy that has any questions should contact me in the first instance: stpiransec@hotmail.com/07971380404/01736 762612.

This season there are a further 2 key points:

1.      The Ground Grading criteria for NLS Feeder Leagues have changed to include a minimum grass pitch size of 100 x 64 metres.  This has been challenged by the St Piran League and others so clubs whose playing surface meets the old criteria of 90 x 45 metres should still apply if they wish to do so.

2.      The re-structure of the counties leagues scheduled for the end of this season does not affect this process.  The positioning of clubs in the new organization will only take place after all promotion and relegation has taken place at the conclusion of the current season.

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