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Div 2


Carharrack 16 Tregony 7

Yes, that's right, 16 - 7.

Radio Cornwall very occasionally sent me to cover rugby and I never saw a score quite like this. A goal every four minutes on average!

When Carharrack swept into a 5 - 0 lead inside 18 minutes (including a hatrick in less than 3minutes for Danny Ford adding to Dario - 6, and Tyler Oliver - 10) I thought, oh no, not one of THOSE games but Treg pulled one, then two back (18 and 25) so I thought "game on"! Tyler (28) and Danny (32 - pen) made it 7 - 2, a twice-taken penalty for Treg made it 7 - 3  but Danny's 5th made it 8 - 3 on 33. Justin Pearce got into the act on 44 to leave a half-time score of 9 - 3.

Now, I've watched a lot of football in the last 65 years or so but I've never seen 12 goals scored in one half, not even in early-days women's football.

Danny got his 6th 4 mins into the 2nd half and Justin got 2 in 2 mins to make it 12 - 3 by the tenth minute of the half. A minute later it was 12 - 4 (Charlie Jones, I was told), Louis Woolley made it 13 - 4  on 58 before Charlie Taylor scored a screamer of a free kick  (71) from about 25 yards out in the right channel. 13 - 5. Treg got another on 75 before Danny got his 7th, then Ricky Smith got 2 in 3 mins to make it (are you keeping up?) 16 - 6 and on 89 Harry something or other ended the goal-fest to bring the scoring to an end - 16 - 7.

I think.

Nice to have my victuals ready for me when I arrived! No rain fell during the game, miraculously: in fact, Carharrack's 'keeper was troubled by a bright sun in his eyes in the second half. Tregony could do with a goalkeeper. He made a few good stops but his mistakes led to 3 or 4 goals. Treg actually looked threatening quite frequently but were let down by poor shooting and a rather porous defence. Players from both sides should remember this game all their lives as it really was a freakish result. Funny Old Game: hugely entertaining.

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10 hours ago, RAPPO said:

Heard 15 but in Tom we Trust Deacs!!  😀👍

By the final whistle I had only logged 15 goals for Carharrack but other spectators said it was 16. I went through the scores one-by-one and it was only when Danny Ford came out that he confirmed he had scored 7, not 6 as I had logged and he said his 7th had been just before the first of Ricky's two, which I had missed, so that confirmed the 16. Sometimes a one-nil isn't so bad - unless it's the one goal in the game I miss!

Worthy of a 75,000 crowd, that one! Especially as Richard wrote, Tregony looked hard done by with "only" seven goals in this game!

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