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PREDICTIONS - Tuesday 27 September 2022

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Camelford                        v            Wadebridge Town

Sticker                               v            Wendron United


Bridgwater United          v            Saltash United

Helston Athletic               v            Millbrook




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Camelford                        v            Wadebridge Town 1-3

Sticker                               v            Wendron United 2-2


Bridgwater United          v            Saltash United 2-4

Helston Athletic               v            Millbrook 1-1

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6 hours ago, Dave Deacon said:

Camelford                1        v     3       Wadebridge Town

Sticker                       0        v      2      Wendron United


Bridgwater United      1    v     1       Saltash United

Helston Athletic         2      v         0   Millbrook





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Camelford                        1 - 2            Wadebridge Town

Sticker                              1 - 3            Wendron United


Bridgwater United          3 - 1            Saltash United

Helston Athletic             3 - 0            Millbrook

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Camelford                        0-2            Wadebridge Town

Sticker                               2-4            Wendron United


Bridgwater United          1-1            Saltash United

Helston Athletic               2-1          Millbrook

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On 25/09/2022 at 15:28, Dave Deacon said:

Camelford                        v            Wadebridge Town  3-1

Sticker                               v            Wendron United  1-2


Bridgwater United          v            Saltash United  3-0

Helston Athletic               v            Millbrook  3-1





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