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RESULTS - Tuesday 13 September 2022

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  • Dave Deacon changed the title to RESULTS - Tuesday 13 September 2022
22 minutes ago, Footy follower said:

Exmouth also payed last night


Yes, see that now. Guess he was unable to make the long trip to Hertfordshire for the FA Trophy match against Berkhamsted. Hell of a journey for a 5-0 thumping. 

Off topic, but, yet again, the FA not covering themselves with glory for forcing clubs to play the Trophy matches postponed last weekend this midweek. Tavistock had one of the results of the night when they took a depleted side to Kidlington in Oxfordshire, and won on penalties.

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Bodmin bringing in players for midweek games is compounding their problems over the last few years, looking at short term game by game rather than the bigger picture. No players of decent calibre at SWPL level likely to sign permanently for Bodmin as they know likely to get dropped as soon as a player from a higher league becomes available for a one off game! 

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11 hours ago, Scout 8 said:

Bodmin very poor...on paper they have a good team, something not right ?? Launceston played well and tbh were the better team. 

Signs that Launceston are turning the corner and improving. Having heard interviews with them both, think that their boss, Neil Price, and St Dennis manager, Simon Minett, both sound impressive and are a breath of fresh air in the league.

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