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Time to put the flag down…………..

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As they say, all good things come to an end, I am hanging up the Lino’s flag this year. I will cover pre-season for The Well and then pass the flag on to whoever comes next.

I wanted to say a few thank yous if you’ll indulge me, firstly to our brilliant referees, without who we wouldn’t have a game, so thank you very much. Secondly, to all the players & managers of the St Piran’s & Combo sides that I’ve had the privilege of running the line for, I hope I didn’t call it wrong too many times, my golden rule has always been to give what you see……………..good luck for the forthcoming season & for many more thereafter. Lastly, to my friends at Perranwell football club, whether players, the management team, or the committee, it’s been a real privilege to be part of this very special club. I wish you every possible success for this season & in the future, thank you for having me as part of your club.

Finally, to all the Linos out there who continue to fly the flag, remember that the game wouldn’t happen without you either, & the fact that you all do it for the love of the game is something to be applauded. To one and all I salute you 👏👏👏

Hope to catch up away from the touchline sometime during the season……………..all the best! 🔵🔵

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Hi Andy well done on your service to the lino team  , running the line in all weathers , have had the pleasure of your company a few times and always found you good fun and fair , enjoy your retirement and thank you for the service you gave to Perranwell and Cornish football , hopefully see you around local football in the not to distance future. 

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