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Boing Boing Baggies.....more like Bang crash bang Baggies!! :P

And to think ya last win in 4 home games was against the mighty Pilgrims who gave 3 travelled with 3 gifts. All the gifts were the same, goal, goal, goal!!!

Back to today, the mighty Argyle have given the Brizzell boys somin to chew on for the weekend!! :yahoo:

P.s....Coupon recker.....W.B.A 1v4 (Lie)cester :angry2:

Roll on friday night, St Blazey v Launceston

Followed by on saturday, Argyle v Watford.

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And your heroes lining up to shake hands with the opponents like bloody performing seals

And the ref waitng for a signal from the sky mafia to allow him to start the game

And nine long months of no decisions going your way

And last but not least all those lovely new "fans" you will aquire that will not be shy at giving you thier views

Yes the prem is a wonderful land :D

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How would the ticket office cope??

They make enough mistakes now!! :blink:

Anyway, first of all, we look forward to our big match against Launceston. 3 points needed badly if we want to finish above them and finish 7th. Theres stillan outside chance we could finish 6th if Torpoint had a few poor results and we still have to play them!!

Plus, seeing as its friday night, a few drinks and a few games of pool should make it a good night!! :D

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Hopefully it will be a good crowd. Be good to see 300+. The flags will be out to add to the atmosphere. Lets hope for some decent weather to encourage a few off their sofas, and down to Blaize Park for this one.


The SWPL (P) record is 312 for a Friday night game at Plymouth Parkway

I am all for clubs trying out Friday evening football and you should get that football feeling especially as it is holiday time-but it will be have to be some improvement on St.Blazey's last home game, 58 v Cullompton

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That was a very poor crowd for us this season. I can only put it down to the poor oppostion, the lack off away fans (only 2)!! and the fact the weather that weekend was awful. I managed to get soaked watching Argyle v Sheff Utd.

Launceston will bring a few more, plus the friday night, plus bank holiday weekend etc etc. Add on a few ground hoppers!!

Should be all ticket!!

The banter should be good Spider.

Even Dan Blazey is down from Bradford for this one!!

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Guest Dermot

Well done to all the groundstaff who managed to get their pitches playable for last Saturday,must say i didnt expect many games on. ;0) :clapper:

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