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After submitting their resignations last season, it has now been announced by Tavistock that Chair Paul Stapleton and Secretary Barry Jackson have left the club.

Official statement from club was notable in that it contained none of the usual, "thanks for their past work" or ,"best wishes for the future" for either.

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2 hours ago, Tavi Fan said:

Obviously hoping someone else will come in as chairman but don’t think either will be missed at Langsford Park.

Bigger loss will be assistant manager Ken Ord who announced tonight he’s leaving the club. Wish him all the best he’s been fantastic.

Ken Ord put a lot into Tavi and will be a miss. Stapleton will not be.

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59 minutes ago, Both Sides of the Tamar said:

So does anyone know what is going on at Tavi? Upheaval behind the scenes? All not well?

Tavi have made huge progress in recent years  Now, at their highest level on the field, I hope things stabilise and the Lambs have a good first season in the SL. 

Will be there for PSF v Bodmin Town 01 July!

Isn't that the development team Friday night? Looking at their tweets it certainly is as the graphic showing this match has Development Squad in top left. 

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On 23/06/2022 at 10:18, sportsman10 said:

Is Ken ord leaving to manage a club himself ?  
he was part of the furniture there. Be interesting to see who they bring into replace him 

I have spoken to Ken and he is taking a break away from football to go travelling... Although there has been a number of coming and goings, Tavistock are fairly settled but they are looking for a new chairperson.... 

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9 hours ago, cornish leg end said:

Can’t knock tavi they go about there business quite every year and get the results on the pitch. Can see another strong season this year. 

Hopefully this season we can have the same squad as we did last season.

Stu Henderson and co done amazing to win the league givien our budget and losing players like Crago, Bentley, Andrew and Tyler Elliott.

Im not sure what the management expect to achieve this season but if we can get a good team out (especially away from home) I personally think we’ll be fine given what little I’ve seen of the SL Div 1.

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18 hours ago, Way Of The Park said:

Ed Harrison from Camelford and Adam McPherson from Elburton Villa announced as Tavi signings yesterday.

Two very Stuart Henderson like additions. Young, promising players who can be used in numerous positions. 

If the rest of the squad from last season remain then we have some good depth in midfield and attack now.

Would expect a couple of loanees from professional clubs to come in too.

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1 hour ago, Way Of The Park said:

Ben Fowles, captain of Dorchester Under 23's last season, has now signed.

Another really good addition. 

Dare say I know much about him yet but looking forward to seeing him play. Getting some good depth at the club now.

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