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Guest Chris B

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Falmouth 0 v Newquay 3 (palmer 3)

The best hat-trick I have ever seen....

Up the peppermints. Down to the bare bones and another great team performance. Falmouth certainly had the best of the first half but stand up Scott Palmer and take a bow ! He drove us on second half and we deserved to win in the end. Awesome. Surely will be one of Scott's career highlights in years to come. He got a round of applause on returning to the winning dressing room.

Falmouth have been on good form too of late.

A nasty edge in a blood thirsty first 15 minutes as Falmouth flew into the tackles with bone crunching regularity...then it all calmed down and some great footy played by both sides.

Im affraid we didnt leave the pitch as we found it though ! its cut to ribbons.

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I wouldn't be surprised if it was cancelled, water was starting to pool in areas of the pitch. It does seem a bit odd to play the game a day before a cup match.

Falmouth had enough chances in the first ten mins to put us out of sight, we rode our luck and it seemed like one of those days where we looked destined to take away all three points.

Scott Palmer was awesome, a really fine hat-trick from left mid. Really looking forward to playing Falmouth at home (the fourth game between us this season) as it is always a great contest...

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St Agnes 1-0 St Day

good team spirit from us (something we feel we have been lacking in recent weeks), good game all round.

aggie deserved the win as they had the quality but if results were decided from sheer grit and determination against all odds then stand up St Day and collect your three points.

Ref Watch: Not sure of his name but he was good. do however feel he should have cautioned players for swearing directly at him, one aggie player told him to f*&k off. I will admit this got a litle frustrating from my point of view so i swore at him too, Two wrongs don't make a right but i thought we were trying to outlaw this from the game.

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Guest Dermot

Ha Haaa,early days in The Central eh? Might play that one on my last Saturday night to clear the place. :clapper:

Better stop these messages or we will get a bollocking for straying off the thread. ;0/ :SM_carton:

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Ha Haaa,early days in The Central eh? Might play that one on my last Saturday night to clear the place. :clapper:

Better stop these messages or we will get a bollocking for straying off the thread. ;0/ :SM_carton:

Yeah :D still can't believe you have that :) i'm going to bed now early start for me tomorrow (if the games not called off) nighty night Dermot, have fun :D :smiley20:

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Hayle 1-2 Perranporth


Dissapointed to lose at home but the truth is we never really got going apart from the goal we scored from a good passing move we didnt create much was as expected very physical game not much football from both teams but Perranporth over the ninety were just the better team and deserved the win well done good luck for rest of season.

Our game next week has been changed we now play Culdrose away instead of Penryn home because of cup semi being cancelled today.

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Sorry I'm late with this as we have had problems with our home network and security software.

Penzance Reserves 1-1 Mullion

Penzance kept their non-losing streaks alive with this draw. The game was a dour affair until the 65min when it started to open up but before then it seemed as if both were more scared of conceding a goal than scoring one.

A draw was a fair result as Penzance just shaded the 1st half and Mullion dominated for most of the 2nd period.

Penzance went into this game with a weakened team of 11 players due to injuries and call-ups to the 1sts. Mullion were at full strength.

Both teams started slowly and it isn’t until the 7min that there is a half chance. Penzance work the ball around the Mullion box until Alfie Turner shoots wide.

The game becomes even with no real chances.

On 16mins a Mullion corner is wasted.

On 20mins Penzance break down their right. Alfie Turner runs into the box but hastily shoots wide.

Mullion then work the ball down their left, cross the ball but the volley from 35yds is well over the bar.

Penzance have great chance to open the scoring as Sam Long breaks down the left with 2 players open in front of goal but as he nears the goaline the ball runs away from him.

On 29mins a Penzance free kick mid-field and 30yds out is curled round the wall but good positioning from Rob Roseveare in the Mullion goal stops the shot.

Another Penzance break on 33mins sees Marcus Smith cross the ball across the front of the goal but everyone misses it.

Mullion then have a penalty shout turned down by referee Francis Sampson, who had a good game in the middle, as they broke into the Penzance box. Their player went down and appealed. We were of the opinion that it was and if he kept quiet when he went down he would have got it.

The last real chance of the half come from a Penzance free kick. The ball is floated in, the keeper spills it, Sam Long shoots from 6yds but the keeper drops onto it.


The start of the 2nd half sees Penzance pushing forward. Darren Ball makes a run but his cross is put out for a corner. From the corner, Alfie Turner at the back of the box shoots into the keepers arms. Penzance then break through with new signing Charlie Pearce who is injured in a clash with the keeper.

On 55mins Mullion bring on their 3 subs to give then fresh legs and the pace of their game picks up.

A minute later Mullion break down their left into the Penzance box. Substitute Wayne Briggs volleys across goal and the ball goes just wide of the post.

A clever Alfie Turner free kick around the wall from 35yds out sees the keeper push the ball out for a corner. The resulting corner is punched clear. Penzance pass right to the goal line. The cross comes in goalward and is just kept out by the keeper jumping into the top corner of his goal.

The resulting corner comes in and Danny Michael flicks the ball just wide with a header.

The game is starting to open up now (65mins) with Mullion pushing Penzance back into their own half as they start dominating the midfield. Penzance are starting to visible tire.

Mullion get a free kick 35yds out on their right but the floated ball in beats everyone who watch is bounce past the post.

Mullion get a corner but Damien punches it away for another. Mullion then come down their right, cross the ball in but a cross goal volley goes just past the post. Mullion then get a couple of quick corners that come to nothing.

Then on 76mins the Mullion pressure pays off when they go 1-0 up. They break down their right, pass to Daniel Read who drags the ball back on the edge of the box, steps forward a couple of paces and plants a cross goal volley high into the net.

Alfie Turner is injured a minute later and has to come off and Penzance play the last 17mins with 10 men.

Penzance have no option now but to come forward leaving themselves exposed at the back.

A long ball is picked up by Sam Long who runs into the box but his shot is high and wide.

Penzance then get a corner on their right. Marcus Smith takes it and puts it in low and hard. The ball deflects off a Mullion player past the diving keeper who must have seen it late. The time 87mins and it’s 1-1.

Mullion kick off and come at Penzance. Mike Burt is booked for obstruction. The resulting free kick is grabbed by Damien.

The match ends with a series of corners for Mullion which a defended well by Penzance.

A crowd of 33 adults plus some youngsters with good support for Mullion.

The corner count was Penzance 5-7 Mullion (1-1 1st half so you can see it opened up in the 2nd half)

Penzance man of the match goes to Darren Ball who was strong in defence good going forward and encouraged his team mates all match.

Penzance – Damien Norman, Danny Michael, Darren Ball, Mike Burt, Charlie Pearce, Marcus Smith, Ian Smith, Sam Long, Mark Grenfell, Adam Thomas, Alfie Turner. Lineman – Dodger Long

Mullion – Rob Roseveare, Ben Tremayne, Dav Cheatham, Rob Bray, David Philips, Daran Magor, Ben Tossel, Michael Southgate, Daniel Read, Leon Smethurst, Dan Higgens

Subs – Wayne Briggs, Mark Reid, Simon Whear (all used)

The website has been updated everyone.

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